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The Longer days are here :-)

Hi Guys,


Well today here in East Lothian the sun came up at 06.22 and goes down at 20.01 and the sun is trying to show the clouds, keep trying sun...

So that is over 14 hrs of daylight ( not I do not say sunshine lol), With the longer days I am sure those of you with chickens are loving the fresh eggs check out our kits and our offer of the Month of May

Then for those of you who are solar users do not miss out on this solar energiser offer ends 30th April 2016 we also have other energiser that are solar and solar assist panels that can be attached to your 12v battery


With the sunlight brings the flowers and veg, digging up and turning over of your borders, this then brings badgers or the rabbits if you are growing something nice for them to eat. You might have the hens out when you are not in the garden or you are allowing your pets more time outdoors and need to keep them safe.

download 220 badger fence IMGP1027

We have many different kits to help you nurture your garden.

Garden and pond kits - great for around raised borders and veg patches

Badger kits - they also work well keeping dogs out of your flower beds and veg patches

Rabbit netting kits

Deer kits

At this time of year the Chickens are also out and about more, we have 2 different types of kit available Electric Fence Protection for an Existing Poultry Pen or our Poultry Netting kits 

For all you farmers out there strip grazing check out our 3 reel systems

And not forgetting you horse owners check out our horse kits

If none of the above are what you are looking for then please give us a call or send over an email and we will be delighted to give you a hand putting together a shopping list.

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