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Hotline Electric Fencing - Its British Made!

We are proud to say that Hotline Electric Fencing Ltd are our main electric fencing supplier.  And after a recent visit to Hotline in Devon I wanted to share a little bit of information about the company and why we are proud to be associated with them.

So who are Hotline Electric Fencing Ltd?

A little bit of history... Hotline is a UK company established as AEC Electric Fencing Ltd in 1968 in Newton Abbot in Devon.  In 1998 the Gloucestershire company RENCO was acquired by Hotline. RENCO was a manufacturer of premium electrified netting and so added to Hotline's product range.  In 2007, Hotline entered into a partnership with German electric fencing company Horizont GMBH, further enhancing the ability to develop an unsurpassed range of electric fencing products.

Hotline Electric Fencing

Why does Electric Fencing Direct supply Hotline Products?

Electric Fencing Direct supply the Hotline Range because it covers everything you need for the construction of electric fencing - with over 250 products - from mains, battery and battery/solar energisers, to insulators, posts, electrified netting, wire, polywire, tape, electric fence testers, tensioners ... the list goes on.

We believe in well made, quality British products and that is what you get from Hotline.  They provide great customer service and this has enabled Hotline to develop their products in line with their customers' requirements.

We at Electric Fencing Direct (like Hotline) have a strong customer-focused approach... We like to hear what you have to say and we love to help solve your electric fencing conundrums… so...if you need to contact us:



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Meriel Younger

About Meriel Younger

Farmers daughter (my mother was the farmer!) with many years experience of farming, equestrian and electric fencing. Living the 'good life' and forever trying to find the perfect work/life balance!
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