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The Genius Og (zero grams) Rug Electric Fencing Rug

Update Summer 2016:

H u r r a y!!

 Following on from the A M A Z I N G success of the Fence Buster 250g winter Rug,  Guardian Equestrian have launched the 0g Spring/Summer rug (just what we have all been waiting for!)

And even better news, there is also a 0g Spring/Summer neck cover available


RLB_4392.edited The Genius zero g Electric Fence Rug

0g neck The Genius zero g Electric Fence Neck Cover

The Genius rug is a 0g weight rug with dual purpose since can be used as a lightweight rug for use in the warmer months or it can also be used in the colder months to transform any normal rug into an electric fence rug when used as a top layer.

The rug works by using clever fabrics on the chest section that pick up the electric fence pulse and instantly transfer it through to the inside of the rug preventing your horse from walking into or leaning over the fence.The end result is that the horse will feel the same pulse from the electric fence as they would have done if they had not been wearing a rug at all.

  • Stops the horse walking into or leaning over an electric fence
  • Transfers the pulse the instant contact is made
  • 100% fabric – no wires or batteries

Coat Neck specification 

  • Electric Fence Rug 0g
  • 1200d Ripstop chest
  • 1200d Plain weave main body
  • 3000mm waterproof pu coating
  • 210d polyester lining
  • Quick snap & adjustable cheat straps
  • Cross surcingles
  • Fillet strap
  • 100% fabric ( no wires or batteries)
  • Layer up underneath
  • Colours: Grey/Blue


There is also a 0g Spring/Summer neck cover available and this has 0g filling and also contains a coat polishing 210d polyester lining and  it will work with your electric fencing to prevent your horse escaping! The neck cover works in the same way as the Genius rug so that the horse will feel the effect of the electric fence preventing them from leaning over or ducking under an electric fence.

Made using 100% fabric (no wires or batteries) this 0g neck cover will help to keep you horse cool, dry, and safe in the paddock – recommended to be used alongside our Genius or Fence Buster rug for best results.

And we do still recommend this product for horses that duck under the fence even without a neck cover on as often it’s the horse's mane that protects them from feeling the electric fence, the clever placement of the Genius fabric panels on the gullet area prevents the mane being an issue and will stop even the toughest Houdini’s!

Neck specification 

  • 1200 Denier outer
  • 0g, lightweight, breathable
  • Prevents escapees
  •  210d coat polishing lining
  • Buckle Fastening
  • Velcro attachment
  •  Fits any of our Genius or Fence Buster ranges

rug front How the panel works

This range is designed to have dual use as either a lightweight 0g turnout rug for warmer months, or use it over the top of any normal rug to transform your existing rugs into electric fence rugs. The Genius rug has a soft inside straps that you can fit any rug underneath and will ensure your horse always feels the fence as they would if not wearing a rug. It is 0g weight, 1200d Ripstop, 1200d plain weave main body, 210d polyester lining with 3000mm waterproof PU coating

Available in sizes 4ft 3 up to 7ft in Grey/Blue colour

So from your wee Shetland who is escaping to your larger breeds they should all be able to get one of these fab rugs to fit!


Did you know...?

  • Our Fence Buster range has the added benefit of Du Pont's Teflon Shield+ coating so the rug resists water absorption and also dries up to 50% quicker than normal fabrics following heavy rain. The Teflon coating helps to protect the fabrics and provides a more durable and breathable rug.
  • The application of Teflon also helps the fabric to resist dirt and grease, if you have your rugs washed annually you can revive the Teflon coating to as new performance by asking your rug washer to refresh the dwr coating using either a Teflon, Nik wax or similar dwr application.

Washing your Rug – All our rugs can be washed the same as any normal turnout rug – be sure to follow the 3 golden rules of washing a waterproof garment

  • Always wash under 30 degrees C
  • Always wash using a special turnout rug liquid or powder – normal household washing powders and liquids can severely damage or even completely remove the waterproof pu coating
  • Always line dry your rugs – tumble drying can melt away the waterproof pu coating

(These guidelines apply to washing any waterproof product)

Check out the video below on how this great rug works - any questions please just get in touch!

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