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Summer Electric Fencing Tips

Billy Boy our technical guru goes through some top tips for Summer...

1. Fast growth of grass and hedges is now taking place all over the UK.  Did you know that a hedge can sprout 18 inches in a week and grass can grow over a foot in four days at this time of year.  So the light winds of summer soon get the hedge and grass touching the live wires on your systems.  Check you fence and see that the grass or hedge are not touching the electrified wire. If they are touching you will definitely be loosing the efficiency of your fencing system.  Your stock could get out!

2. The weakest link could also be your earth rod and the connection of the wire to the rod.  Many many users neglect this area on permanent fencing systems.  The earth rod or earth stake is pushed into the ground and the earth wire is connected.  Please do not just walk away and leave it. Check and double check it! The wire could have got rusty after the winter and so will not be allowing true and positive connection.

3. Summer is meant to be here. Remember if it turns very dry on sandy soils you might  have no earthing at all so wet the area around the earth rod to help improve conductivity.  Two good buckets full of water should do the job.

4. Short term paddock fencing for summer grazing can create problems.
When using tape there are in many instances when the system suffers from taking a short cut in assembly.  Rented fields can often be exposed!  And so the tape may flap around in the wind and fray.  So it would be advisable to use more posts than you need and place them closer together. Take an extra set of screw in insulators so that good tension can be made  with the tape. There is nothing more sole destroying when horses or other stock get out  because of slack tape flapping in the wind. The posts could soon be blown over and the stock are then out and free.

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