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Strip Grazing Energiser - The Centaur

Extended offer Now till the 30th June 2016

Check our great offer on the Centaur below!  

So the time of year has come for the ponies to be let loose on new grass but we all have the moment of dread, just how much will they eat and how big will the waist line end up?

Many of us think oh help... Laminitis... when we see the lush grass coming through and panic and suddenly remember the plan we had meant to execute over the winter period and buy a strip grazing kit to have ready for this exact moment and sadly it got forgotten until today........ well never fear Leslie is here............

Strip grazing a paddock is a great way to limit the amount of grass the animals have and to try to maintain all-year round grazing.  Whilst we love our horses, farmers and other land owners do not always love them too -  horses have feet made to plough a field (and some just make holes)!  so strip grazing not only limits the intake the horse has but it will help with grassland management -  looking after and saving the land for further use.


So what you will be looking for is an easy to move light weight energiser? Well check out the

The Centaur

Extended till 30th June  2016 Offer Price £90.86   RRP £127.20

This Unit is an all in one unit and the battery is housed internally for ease of use.


Compact energiser with an internal 9v non rechargeable battery (not included) and carry handle.  Light and portable, suitable for a range of applications.

  • 0.2 joule power stored, 0.14 joules output
  • On/off switch
  • Low battery/pulse indicator
  • Takes a 9v battery (see battery links below)
  • 3 year warranty

Max 1.5km fence line in ideal conditions

This energiser still requires earth stake

To power this great wee energiser these are the batteries ( non rechargeable) to look at

9v Fence Battery - 55 amp - This battery will last you approx 6 to 7 weeks before you need to replace it

9v Fence Battery - 130 amp - This battery will last you approx 12 to 13 weeks before you need to replace it

9v Fence Battery 165 amp - This battery will last you approx 14 to 15 weeks before you need to replace it

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Offer now extended till the 30th June 2016

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