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Electric Fencing - The Basics - Stand Off & Off-Set Insulators


There are so many different types of insulators on the market... ever wondered what they are all for? ...

Well, insulators allow electric fencing to be attached to metal or wood without the power from the electric fencing line shorting to the ground.  There are many different types and styles of electric fencing insulator..And there are so many different types of insulator as there are so many different types of applications.  Insulators must be adapted to carry tape or rope or wire or polywire and they may also be restyled to fit different types of posts, they may be screw in or nail on, for the straight line, for the end or for corners.  Insulators are a key part of any electric fence and are crucial in ensuring insualton and can also help to create good tension in the fence and therefore prevent sagging and shorting.

Stand Off or "Off Set" Insulators

What are they? Stand off or "off-set" insulators hold the line away from the post further than an ordinary insulator giving extra clearance from hedges and walls and additional insurance from rubbing and chewing or potential arcing problems if installing on a stock fence.  Off-sets are also useful for outwitting pests and predators.  If off-set insulators are installed at the base of a chicken run they will  provide a scare wire for any incoming predators. Or these insulators can be carefully placed to catch the sensitive ears of borrowing pests.  This type of insulator can be positioned at every other post as it is less likely to make contact with intervening posts. Generally most often the ones you see on fences are   bolt-on or screw-in variety of stand off insulators.

So what are the different types of Stand Off or "Off Set" Insulators available?

Off Set Tape Insulators - These can vary between about 180 - 200mm in length and hold tape away from the fence.  Most often a tape off-set insuatlor will have a locking mechanism to keep the tape in place.

Stand Off Insulators for rope or wire

Off-Set Ring Insulators - Again these vary between 180 - 200mm in length and hold either wire, polywire or rope away from the stock fence.  Some ring insulators also have a slot for tape.

for fence protection both sides - double off set insulators

Double Off-Set Insulator - This is a different kind of insulator and is used to hold electric fencing wire, polywire, tape or rope away from both sides of a stock fence.  It holds the electric fencing wire 300mm off each side of the fence.  These insulators come with the staples require for installation on top of a stock fence.

Out Rigger Off-Set Insulator - Stands off the fence by 500mm.  Steel coated off-set insulator which needs to slot into a wooden post.

Double Off Set Insulator to protect both sides of the fence

Off-Set InsulatorStand Off or Off-Set Insulator


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