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Solar Panels - Renewable Energy for Your Electric Fencing


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Solar assist panels


Use a solar panel to trickle feed 12v battery Use a solar panel to trickle feed 12v battery

So why am I writing about this well of course to help save the environment and your time with an efficient and Eco solar powered electric fencing but also on a more serious note these panels will save you money (in the long term) and you may only need to charge the batteries you use potentially as little as 3 times a year, weather and sun dependent!!


10w Solar Panel & Stand -  RRP £118.34 OFFER PRICE £72.83

20w Solar Panel & Stand -  RRP £138.54 OFFER PRICE £116.78

So the technical stuff:

A solar panel takes the sunlight and converts it into power... this feeds your battery and then the energiser converts it into power that is used in the fencing.

So during a sunny day of say 12 hours of sun the solar panel will (dependent on size of the solar panel... they come in 10w and 20w) replace up to 75% of the energy into the battery. Therefore your battery will last longer before it needs a charge on a conventional battery charger.

What are my options?

  1. If you already have a fence in place with a battery and energiser attached and just want to add solar then you are in luck........... All you need is the solar assist panel and bish bash bosh you have extended the life of your battery.
  2. Your other option is if you are starting from scratch and buying everything squeaky new is to buy an all-in-one solar energiser like one of our Fire Drakes and attach this to your fence - these comprise the energiser with an internal 12v battery and with a solar panel attached.

I hope this is helpful I am trying not to be too technical.

Any other info you need:

The battery must not be ignored, you will still need to check it regularly and charge it if required.  Always check the fence regularly with a fence tester I recommend the KV10 LED tester

I hope you have found this informative, should you have any questions or would like to place an order please contact us on:

Tel: 01620860058


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Offer ends 31st July 2018


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