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Saving your Post and Rail from being eaten by Horses

Hi all,

So we are allowing our horses limited access to the field this time of year to try to save it for the spring and summer, in doing this the horses are looking for other things to chew and your beautiful post and rail is coming under fire?, it might also ne used as a scratching post? of your horse is leaning over into another field pushing the posts at an angle.Have a look at these stand off insulators you will find them to be a god sent. If your horse is using your fence to try to remove his/her rug then read the blog below for help with this.

Let's stop this!


The good news is that stand off insulators are not only for horses, they work will to keep Mr Fox away from your existing pen of or keep Mr Badger away from the fence.


So we have a whole bunch of kits specially designed to protect Post and Rail fences - to see them click here - and all can be customised exactly to suit your own set-up !

Any questions just ask!

So the Post and Rail kits generally use stand off insulators.

We have stand off insulators for rope, tape, galvanised wire and even poly wire.


Economy stand off insulator for rope & wire (pack of 20)

Economy screw in insulator for use with poly wire, wire and rope. Qty 20. the stand off the fence by 200mm so that's 20 cm. Ideal for keeping the horses away from the wooden post and rail fencing!




Outrigger Off-Set Insulator (pack of 10)

350mm coated steel off-set insulator for wire, poly wire, tape and rope. pre drilling of the hole  is needed.




Premium Stand Off Insulator for Tape (pack of 20) 

Stand-off insulator (180mm) for paddock tape up to 40mm and rope - screw in insulator with locking mechanism.  The locking mechanism is great for helping keep tension as well.



Double Offset Insulator - Staples Included (pack of 10)  

Double Offset Insulator

Can be used horizontally across the top of wooden fence posts to run tape/rope on each side of the fence; standing out 300mm on each side of the fence to protect fence from nibbling horses. Staples included

Great for keeping horses separated and not eating your fence!

Here you can see electro rope on our economy standoffs (pk of 20) protecting thepost and rail - very tidy I'm sure you'll agree -much tidier than a chewed fence! :-)

economy standoff insulators on post and rail




Premium Stand Off Insulator for Rope, Tape, Polywire & Wire (pack of 20)  


Heavy duty as seen in the picture - the metal continues underneath,high quality 150mm Stand-off screw insulator up to 20mm tape, 7mm paddock rope, wire and polywire .


Rope options

Polywire options

Tape options

Wire options

Check out The Fence Buster Rug, for horses who do NOT respect your electric fence

We’d be happy to answer any further questions too:

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