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Rotational grazing

With Sun brings grazing and with grazing brings thought on how to make it Summer, Autumn and hopefully into the Winter grazing.

We have this great idea given to us by a lovely customer

How to make a field into 4 sections allowing the movement of your animals around,



Rotational GrazingRotational grazing in quartersHello happy sheep behind a 3 reel system








This system uses 1.4 meter high posts so will keep sheep, goats, pigs and cattle and if you have more alternative animals lamas and alpacas happily grazing, if you want this for horses it is suggested at least the top line is either rope or tape as a visual aid for them. This great set up can be used for a temporary or permanent set up. over time if you want it to be permanent then you can put in a few wooden posts to help with stability.

As you can see from the pictures, this system has quartered off the field into 4 easy to manage sections this will allow great rotation all in the same fields and allow the other areas to rest enough for the regrowth of lush strong grass ready to be munched on later in the rotation.

Depending on the size of area you are rotational grazing, the animals and the amount of lines you are using will have an impact on your choice of many things but the correct energiser is essential

Mains Energisers

Input Wire Tape/Rope Sheep Nets Poultry Nets Stored J Price
HLC40 Gemini  110/240v 8km 6km 5 3 0.8j £91.14
HLC80 Gemini 110/240v 12km 8km 10 4 1.2j £119.80
HLC120 Gemini 110/240v 18km 12km 15 5 2.4j £150.59
CLM80 Paddock Kite 110/240v 8km 8km 5 2 0.45j £99.70
HLM160 Red Kite 110/240v 20km 20km 8 3 1.4j £145.57
HLM100S Super Eagle 110/240v 10–25km 10-25 km 5-20 2-8 0.6j-2.46j £200.03
HLM400 Condor 110/240v 8-30km 8-30km 5-25 2-12 0.68j-3.6j £228.74
HLM600 Peregrine 110/240v 8-40km 8-40km 5-25 2-20 0.66j-4.2j £292.32
HLM 700 Phoenix 110/240v 50km 50km 30 25 7.9j £407.44
HMX 1600 Phoenix 110/240v 65km 65km n/a n/a 7-16j £438.06
HMX 2500 Phoenix 110/240v 85km 85km n/a n/a 7-25j £663.34


Battery Energisers

  Input Wire Tape/Rope Sheep Nets Poultry Nets Stored j Price
HLB100 Shrike D-Cell 800m 800m n/a n/a 0.04j £88.34
HLB150 Harrier 6v 1km 1km n/a n/a 0.065j £167.15
HLB300 Hawk 9v 1.5km 1.5km 2 1 0.12j £171.30
HLB50 Hobby 12v 6km 6km 5 2 0.56j £149.57
HLB500 Falcon 12v 18km 18km 15 5 1.7j £190.46
HLB525 Buzzard 12v 25km 25km 20 8 3.2j £228.74
HLC40 Gemini 110/240 8km 6km 5 3 0.8j £91.14
HLC80 Gemini 110/240 12km 8km 10 4 1.2j £119.80
HLC120 Gemini 110/240 18km 12km 15 5 2.4j £150.59


Combination Energisers

Battery Mains Wire Sheep Nets Poultry Nets Stored J Price
HLB20 Raptor  6v/12v 230v 4km - - 0.24j £97.25
HLB80 Raptor 6v/12v 230v 8km 5 2 0.8j £149.64
HLB170 Raptor 6v/12v 230v 18km 15 4 1.65j £192.13
HLC40 Gemini  110/240v 8km 6km 5 3 0.8j £91.14
HLC80 Gemini 110/240v 12km 8km 10 4 1.2j £119.80
HLC120 Gemini 110/240v 18km 12km 15 5 2.4j £150.59


Solar Energisers

  Input Wire Tape/Rope Sheep Nets Poultry Nets Output Price
Fire Drake 18 HLS18 12v 1.5km 1.5km 2 0 0.15j £203.38
Fire Drake 34 HLS34 12v 2.5km 2.5km 3 0 0.25j £244.12
Fire Drake 67 HLS67 12v 5km 5km 5 1 0.50j £314.56


As you can see there are a lot to choose from if you become overwhelmed give us a call.

Here are the batteries, the top 3 suit all of the 12v energisers

Once you have decided on your choice of energiser and power source it is then onto the planning of your fence, Here are some of the items needed/involved in the rotational grazing

The fence itself - this could be wire, rope, tape or polywire

Are you using wooden,  plastic or metal posts or you might use a combination of two types,       If wooden then you will need insulators , for the Plastic option or the Metal option.


We would always recommend the use of a fence tester (its not much fun testing it yourself)

With rotational grazing or any type of temporary of semi permanent grazing there will come a time when you have to either move it or remove it for some reason when this comes about there is usually a huge pile of tangles fencing to deal with, well check out these nifty little things the reels will help you keep your fencing contained and tidy when not in use ( or if you only want to use half of the fence the other half can be kept on the reel for safe keeping) The reels can be added to a wooden post of the metal reel fixing post in the reel link.

old electric fencing Tangled electric fencing








Gates is something we generally can not do without, I say this to everyone if you can put the fence up leaving the gate to be added after wards as a separate piece of fence other wise every time you open the gate this happens, the whole fence becomes untensioned and you might have a escapee further down the field.

untensioned electric fencing





There are many many ways you can Rotational Graze a field I hope this has helped you.

Any questions please contact us



We are always happy to help and answer any questions you might have:

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