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Roll up, roll up and see our Eggciting Poultry house offers in our Easter eggstravaganza -! you're wondering why is this chicken is walking away from you? Could it be that she's not looking forward to Easter?

I know Easter's still a couple of weeks away - but since chickens don't like chocolate easter eggs why not get 'em a new house instead (and save that Thorntons supersize choccy egg you got them for yourself)???

And the eggciting news (sorry, I just couldn't resist that ...  :x ) is that we at Electric Fencing Direct want to help you give your chickens something to  crow cluck about!

Yep, you've guessed it, we are offering some Clucking Great Offers on Hen Housing!

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We ran a special offer on our Traditional Wooden Poultry Housing (see pics above) during March and due to eggtreme demand have decided to extend our offer on these fab poultry domiciles until the end of April - you could say we are having an eggstravaganza!

So I hear you ask .. how much for these beauties? Well heres the deal:

Want to know more about 'em?
  • Well these fab wooden poultry houses are well designed and made from strongly constructed tanalised timber and treated plywoods and have great through-flow ventilation to help keep all your chookies healthy. They've got movable external nest boxes and there is access via a door with large pop-hole
  • What's more they are easy to clean with solid treated ply floors and have tanalised shiplap roof panels. And they look good to us humans too with their nicely pitched roofs (oh, and did I say that they come in 9 - yes 9! -  different colours !
  • see the Houses (and the colours they come in, of course), in the Traditional Poultry Housing Section in our online shop.
  • Their unique roof pitch helps them withstand the wind and also provides space for an upper perch level to maintain the ‘pecking order’ of the birds in the house.
 Not sure which coop is best for your hens... ? just ask us:

Footnote: contrary to popular belief, the author did try very hard to limit use of  too many eggciting puns.. and failed...

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These Special Offers are available in our online shop.

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