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Rabbit netting


Rabbits, such very cute little things aren't they


Peter here arrives in your veg patch and munches through the veg you have lovingly nurtured either for dinner or for the local show ....then he become a pest.

Well never fear Leslie is here.......

eden netRabbit Netting2 orange


Electric Netting is highly effective in keeping rabbits away from specific areas such as crops, gardens, veg gardens, sports grounds, greens, newly laid turf and many farmers use it to protect their vulnerable newly sown vegetable plugs. It is simple to erect, just unroll the net and tread in the posts. It can be easily taken down when not required and moved around.

The DARK GREEN anti-rabbit/anti-badger nets are 50m long and 0.7m high and can be linked together.

An orange 50m net is also available at 0.5m high. 14 posts with 7” spikes are already built into the nets and more posts may be added to any net to cope with undulating land. Each net comes with Corner guys to support corners, Net pegs to pin down the bottom line, Warning Sign and Repair kit.

We have created a series of kits depending on the distance required, which in turn will determine the number of nets required. However, as rabbits are very well insulated (rabbits have hair on their feet) a strong energiser is essential. Each kit includes an energiser to power the relevant number of nets and to stop the animal, however if the ground is uneven or the vegetation has been left to grow into the net there will be power loss due to ‘earthing’ and a stronger powered energiser may be required.

Energisers may be powered by battery (12v fencing battery) or mains (the output is the same). We also have Solar Powered Energisers or a simple Solar Panel (Solar Assist), which can be added to any 12v battery energiser and continuously trickle charges the 12v battery.

All rabbit netting kits come with dark green netting with black posts. Orange netting is available and is less expensive.





50m kit


100m kit


100m plus

Battery operated kit (dark green net)



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Mains operated kit (dark green net)



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Battery kits do not include a 12v battery and Mains kits do not include lead out cable available in 10m, 25m, 50m or 100m lengths

Should you just want the netting to add to an existing enclosure or to try with out the electric 1st then:

The Anti-Rabbit nets come in 2 sizes: Standard netting which is 50m x 50cm, orange and comes with 14 built in posts. Super netting which is 50m x 0.7m, green and comes with 14 built in posts.

Net prices: 50m standard net - £95.04, 50m super - £108.44.

As well as keeping Peter Rabbit out these nets can be used to keep him and his friends Benjamin bunny in, if you have a pet Rabbit you would like to let have the run of the garden but also keep him/her confined so as to not eat all of your plants or go area unsafe then the rabbit netting is a great wee thing.

Have a look at the Rabbit netting around this field helping protect the young newsly sown plugs.


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