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The Dog Collars for the containment system

We have various sizes and types of collar depending on the size of dog. The Programmable collar enables you to determine the degree of Correction i.e. to suit your dogs temperament or degree of stubbornness.

The large dog collar is only programmable. A tiny receiver is embedded in the collar unit which picks up a signal from the wire (normally 2-3 metres away from the wire). You can adjust this distance by turning the range up or down on the transmitter. Your dog will first hear the 'Warning' sound followed by the 'Correction' if he/she goes closer to the boundary.


Continuous barking can become a nuisance, the BARK CONTROL collar detects continuous barking by noise and vibration and again gives out a Warning followed by a Correction if the Warning is ignored.


The Remote Training systems enables you to send commands to your dog up to 100m away. You can send a Warning signal followed by a Correction. Large dog or Small dog systems are available and all are programmable


The transmitter enables you to control the 'RANGE' of signal from 3' 12' away from the wire. The signal encircles the wire so if it is set to be picked up 6' from the wire the signal is transmitted 6' in all directions from the wire.

If a break in the wire occurs the transmitter (loop light) will switch off and an audible alarm will sound indicating the system is not working. Line breaks can be mended with a wire joiner.


Training your dog to understand the meaning of the warning signal is fundamental. We provide small flags for use in training so your dog can see his boundary as well as hearing the warning sound (These can be taken down once he is familiar with the system). In many cases your dog will understand his boundary within a few days of training, even hours! We include a comprehensive Training Manual and Training DVD.


We have created a basic kit which can then be built on depending on the distance and type of dog.

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