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Essential Accessories - Poultry Netting Accessories

Essential Accessories - Poultry Netting Accessories

If you have read out blog written by our very knowledgeable MD   The Basics: Components of a Poultry Netting Kit Explained Then hopefully you have an understanding of your netting kit and what you have and maybe need. We hope you enjoy our Essential Accessories - Poultry Netting Accessories blog.


So you have your netting and are wondering - Is there anything else I might find useful or essential to help me with my great set up?








Premium & Professional Fox Busting Netting has proven to be one of the most effective ways to protect poultry from foxes, other vermin and dogs. However, access into the netted enclosure has always been a hassle and fairly fiddly as you need to turn off power and untie cords.

The innovative 'HOT GATE' is a stand alone gate system that can be incorporated into any 1.2m Premium or Professional Fox Busting poultry net ('HOT GATE' is also available for Standard Poultry Netting). It's so simple.... the 'HOT GATE' simply ties onto the end of the existing net and provides hassle free and quick access - the system consists of:

1 x 19mm gate post with out prong that fits into dock (with handle on the top)

1 x 19mm double pronged post for dock (with handle on the top)

1 x 12mm double pronged post at other side of netting gate

1 x 1.25m close mesh green netting 1.2m high

2 x insulated gate handles - attached to posts at the top

1 x dock

2 x galvanised pegs for dock

6 x tie wraps

Opening Length: 1.25m. Colour: Green.


Extra Strong Corner Post








Extra height and weight sturdy corner posts for poultry netting (122cm tall,19mm diameter, black). Great for placing anywhere in the netting - not just at corners, especially if your ground is undulating or in an exposed and windy area. These posts are slightly taller than the netting itself so lift the top line up and this helps ensure that the net stays as taut as possible.

Netting Clips

Two different sizes

Netting Clips







Does your netting sag?  Can you never quite get enough tension into your net to keep the second line lifted off the ground?

Well we've come up with a little clip to prevent sagging. In a pack of 10. We have 2 sizes one for our stanadard and premium netting, sheep and rabbits nets and then one for our professional nets

This 13mm clip can be used with 

  • Standard 1.1m high nets
  • Preimum 1.2m poultry nets
  • Sheep nets
  • Goat nets
  • Rabbit nets
  • Badger nets

Just clip it on to the black post and catch the netting with the clip against the post - this will keep the netting lifted.

This 15mm clip can be used with 

  • Professional Poultry Nets

This clip will not fit on the extra strong corner posts.



Repair Kit






Repair kit for green nets. Includes all you need to repair the net.

The repair kit comes with:

  • 1 x 1m of live netting wire (with metal filaments)
  • 1 x 1m of netting wire (with no metal filaments)
  • 4 x ferrules
  • 2 x post caps
  • 2 x B clips
  • 2 x lengths of white guy ropes


B Clip






Clips for the bottom on the netting




Galvanised peg






One galvanised peg to peg the bottom line of an electric net to the ground. Stops the fox, stoat, weasel and their mates getting under the net !


KV10 LED TESTER - 1,000 TO 10,000


KV10 Fence Tester







We think this small piece of kit is a MASSIVE must, unless you want to touch the netting to check its working (fun for a while)

10KV LED Tester. This tester shows voltage on 10 levels from 1,000 to 10,000. Designed so that it is easy to read outside in the day light and colour coded to help distinguish the higher voltage. Easy to fit into a pocket. Just touch fence with the tester and it will read the voltage as it is self earthing. A very handy and essential tool for every electric fence. Powered by 2 1.5v lithium batteries .



The use of DPC under neath your netting to keep the grass and vegetation from growing up too quickly and shorting out your fence, This also prevents you from strimming a hole in your fence or worse still tangling and destroying it with the lawnmower.

This is available in many large DIY stores in rolls

DPC under netting













We hope you have found this helpful.

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