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Parkland Auto Feeder for Poultry & Game Birds

Free Standing Parkland Auto Feeder – self-operating feeding system for all Game & Poultry birds.

Don’t you just hate all the food waste?  It can be so time consuming filling your feeders everyday.  We may have the answer…a specially developed automated feeding system that prevents waste and saves you time.  Parkland Auto Feeder for Game Birds and Poultry

Our Parkland Auto Feeders are specifically designed for feeding poultry & game birds.  The well designed and tried and tested system incorporates:

·         a green hopper manufactured in heavy duty polyethylene , UV stabilised for long life.

·         a dome lid to shed water and prevent perching.

·         simple wing nut with spring clip, for positive lid retention and quick removal.

·         metal guards fitted to prevent squirrel damage

·         notched feed regulator for easy control of food releases (can regulate amount of                 release easily).  Suitable for any size of pellet or grain.

Free-standing models have quick release design leg locks with telescopic legs for instant height adjustment.   The feeder legs come with large feet pads which allow for feeder to be anchored to the ground.  The hopper has a 25kg capacity.

How it works?  The birds peck the peck bar and the feeder scatters a circle of the grain on the ground.  To start with it is possible to place a large flat stone underneath to catch the grain.  The grain is released in a circle and the size of circle is determined by the portion size set before by hand by the user.  As the birds get used to peck and release the circle size can be reduced and so there is much less waste.

DIY kits are available for set up with your own feeder.  DIY Parkland Auto Feeder Kit

These feeders are available now in our on line shop.  Click Parkland Auto Feeders

Need more information on the Parkland Auto Feeder? .... please contact us – we would be happy to help.

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