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Paddock rope: All you need to know

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Did you know we have 4 different types of paddock rope, 2 different thickness, 2 different colours and 3 different conductivity levels? No?.....well read on

So rope is a great thing it has a higher breaking point than Tape and if kept correctly it will last longer so for your permanent fences its great, let me talk you through some of the gang.

Value Electro Rope - 200m by 6mm White 

Our Value electro rope is heavy duty and hard working paddock rope. Ideal rope for small/splitting paddocks or strip grazing set ups. Can be used for permanent or temporary set ups.

  • 6 stainless steel conductors
  • 248 kg breaking strain
  • Mid level resistance of 3.8 ohms Paddock Essentials Paddock Essentials
  • Strong, visible and UV protected rope.

Value Plus Paddock Rope - White or green and white- 200m by 6mm

Our Value Plus Paddock rope is supercharged paddock rope with a mix of stainless steel and copper filaments. This rope is for those serious about their fencing. It has a very low resistance level and hence high conductivity thus ensuring a good powerful zap ! Pure white in colour.

  • 3 copper plated and 2 stainless steel conductors
  • 187 kg breaking strain
  • low resistance of 0.39 ohms
  • fully UV protected

Note: copper is a far better conductor than stainless steel....hence this rope is supercharge rope !!

Premium Professional Paddock Rope - 200m by 7mm

This is our best paddock rope and is for those who are deadly serious about their fencing or who run professional yards. It is a heavy duty, low resistance (1.24 ohms) rope capable of being used on many kilometres of paddock. In white with red trace line.

  • 9 thick stainless steel conductors,
  • 357 kg breaking strain,
  • 7 year UV guarantee it won't let you down!!

Value Plus Paddock Rope - Green & White - 500m by 6mm

This is the same as the 200m Value plus paddock rope but in 500m rolls.

So you have learnt all about our Paddock Rope options you just need to measure up and order..

I hope you have found this helpful and informative.

Happy shopping 

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