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Hot Topics This Christmas - Is Free Range Farming Sustainable And What is Mindful Shopping?

Can we come up with high quality produce at good prices in the UK?

Well, Farmer's Weekly have noticed that LIDL has brought out an Xmas advert that backs British farming. It aims to show that it’s possible to deliver high quality produce at good prices. Good news surely! :-)

You can see the full LIDL advert here 

It's great to see LIDL buying from farms who practice good livestock  husbandry and we need many more of the big companies in the UK sourcing and championing free range food in the same way.

And of course, let's not forget that we the general public have a huge role here too! After all Our Demand creates Supply ...

In a powerful move, the United Nations has released a new report which urges Governments to move away from factory farming. Click here to see the report

IN a year where a 14-year-old girl convinced Tesco  to stop selling 'caged eggs', it looks like it really is down to us consumers to vote with our feet and let the big supermarkets know what we want from our farming industry.


And so on to Mindful Shopping - just what is it?

Ever bought a pressie for someone who just didn't need anything? Or felt you should be doing something more useful with the money?

If so then now's the time to explore just what  mindful  shopping really is - we've listed a few links and tips below  to get you started

'Mindfulness' the hottest gifting trend to make you feel rapt this Christmas 

How to Be a Mindful Consumer

How to cure shopping addiction


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