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New Product! Night Watchman LED Predator Deterrent


Suffering from unwanted visitors in your garden, around your poultry or in your yard at night? Why not try the new Night Watchman LED Predator Deterrent?

At only £16.20 plus £9.95 for UK mainland delivery, we are sure you will agree it's a great price (vat incl).

Although it is a new product we have been testing it and  already have a great testimonial from a user who's been testing it for the last year - see below

Ian from Devon had this to say about it  "I've had the Night Watchman LED Predator Deterrent in my garden for over 12 months now. At first I had (it) on the shed at the bottom of the garden set at about 4ft high and the cat was still going to the toilet in same spot. Moved it to the top of garden and connected at animal height and no more poo!!!"

So this brand new predator deterrent could certainly help deter your pests!

How does the Night Watchman LED Predator Deterrent work?  See a video of it here.

And read below for more detail - any questions please just ask!

It uses Ultra bright red LEDs to deter predators - it will be visible to them from a distance of up to 800m (with a 60 degree field of vision)

It features

  • A solar panel that charges the internal battery during the day and will give around 12 hours of operation (per 5 hours of sunlight)
  • The LEDs switch on themselves automatically when dusk comes so you don't need to remember to turn it on!
  • Easy to set up - just mount it on your animals enclosure , run or the garden fence

What you need to do:

  • Just mount the Night Watchman on an ark or fence at the eye level of the predator
  • Depress the switch on the rear to 'auto' and then the LEDs will automatically turn on when dusk arrives

Battery Information

A Battery is included with the Night Watchman (  1 x rechargeable Mi-Mh AAA 600Mah battery).

Please note that over time (around 1.5 years) the battery will lose capacity resulting in a shorter operational time. (A new battery on the system with 5 hours of sunlight will give approximately 12 hours of night time operation).

Traci Davidson

About Traci Davidson

Been with EFD for over 3 years, how time flies! Have a keen interest in animal welfare and the environment.

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