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Maintenance in the rain


Now I am sure you are aware that all the recent rain has had a massive effect on so many people across the country, now we also have to look at the effect if has on your fencing.


So your netting has been up for a wee while now and should be working great, with the long wet winter months ongoing we suggest with all fencing you have a check of all the components and make sure you are as wet weather ready as possible.

Power and connections:

2015-05-14 11.25.36


It does not matter if you are running off a battery or mains power have a look at your leads and make sure the are tightly connected.

If you are using a battery it will be happy living outside in all weathers, we do suggest if you are likely to have heavy rain or sharp frost you give it a wee bit of help and place it in a plastic storage container this will prevent the build up of ice and frost on the connections it should also help with the life of the battery. As during the winter months if the battery gets very cold it will discharge slightly quicker than in the summer months.

Electric chicken netting


Onto the netting, Have a wander around your netting making sure there are no breaks in the lines. If there are grab your repair kit and get fixing. Now checking for any sagging, if you can remove the post and try reposting it this should help a bit, if it does not do the job fully then you can either use your guy ropes to help or have a look at out wonder clips ( Netting Clips) The use of Damp Proof Core (DPC) underneath your netting will help with vegetation growth and some sagging issues and any puddling issues. Keeping your netting free from falling vegetation daily is also essential esp in the Autumn months.

2015-05-14 11.14.57IMG_2516


Make sure the high rain has not allowed any trees/shrubs to settle onto your fence lines this will short out your fence. Also make sure if you do have breaks in the fence line you use connectors to fix the break DO NOT tie a knot in the fence

This is also where moveable fencing is a very handy thing to have so you can fence off the the boggy areas and also strip graze so you have the ability to graze all year around.

If you are running an earth line and live line around your pond/enclosure make sure they remain 1 inch apart so you do not have an arching of power.

I hope you have found this informative and helpful.

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