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How to set up a Mains Energiser

Well hello again,

Mains EnergiserHens behind netting

So Spring has Sprung    Woo Hoo I hear you all say, Yes me too. So my question is who has finished lambing? Bought birds.... the egg laying kind? Has a new pony/horse or extending their grazing? Is new to electric fencing? OR Does your naughty dog or cat keep getting in the nice growing flower bed? Well if you are any of the above or something I have not mentioned then this blog might be right up your street..

So you have been on the  line and bought a nice shiny new kit, you have laid it all out read the instructions re read them, made a cup of tea, put it aside to come back to later and with wine in hand are re-re-reading the instructions.......still lost well never fear Leslie is here............LOL!

1st things 1st put the wine down,

Ok here goes:

You know where the energiser will live (under cover and hopefully wall mounted) you have measured out the amount of lead out cable you need, well here we go:

1. Locate the adapter plug of the Energsier in a waterproof location (i.e. inside next to a plug socket or protected from the elements out side) DO NOT PLUG IN YET

2. Position the earth stake anywhere... but not near to tree roots or building foundations.  The earth stake doesn't have to be right next to the energiser or the fence.  Insert the earth stake into the ground - as far as you can - until only 6” or so is showing (note: the earth stake must beat least 10 meters away from a house earth).


3. Link to Earth: Cut a length of cable to fit the distance from Energiser to Earth. Bare the cable either end and connect one end to the green Earth terminal on the Energiser and the other earth stake using the built in screw.

4. Link from Energiser to Switch: Screw the Switch onto a post. Cut cable at the appropriate length and bare end of cable. Make a ‘U’ shape with bared cable and clamp between the two washers at bottom of the Switch. (Please note: not all mains systems require a Switch)

5. Link from Switch to fence:- Bare end of the cable, make a ‘U’ shape and clamp between the top two washers on the Switch. Bare off ½ ”  of cable and push into the ‘spade’ (comes with crocodile clips). Crimp tight (with pliers). The ‘spade’ pushes into flat metal clip positioned inside the crocodile clip. Clip this to your fence.

If you are connecting to netting - connect the crocodile clip to the metal net clamp or to the top horizontal line. Do NOT attach the lead out cable to a vertical line in the net (as these are not electrified), or to just one of the horizontal lines as this will not electrify the net as effectively.

6. Now the switch on: the Energiser will flash indicating it is sending pulses (every second).

7. Using your fence tester NOT your hand!! check your fence it should be pulsing once every second.

8. Let the live stock lose and watch them play............

Mains Set Up P33 Switch

safe pigs behind electric fencing polywire to keep pigs in KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

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