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Legbars of Broadway

We love Legbars of Broadway

We have worked with Legbars of Broadway for many years....they have recommended our electric netting as protection against foxes to many customers... and so we wanted to let you know a little bit about them and what they do.

About Legbars of Broadway 

Legbars of Broadway was set by Philip & Janet Lee-Woolf in June 2004, in the Cotswold village of Broadway, following the sale of their famous Clarence Court egg company, which they founded in 1990. Philip & Janet wanted to continue breeding the Old Cotswold Legbars and Mabel Pearman’s Burford Browns, already renowned for their beautiful coloured eggs, in order to share the pleasure of keeping these wonderful chickens with customers across the UK. Lots of people are familiar with the eggs, which are widely available, but when introduced to the birds they soon become dedicated fans.

What do they do?

The aim of the business is to breed and produce strong and vigorous pullets, for domestic egg production, which, together with a personal service, and ongoing advice and support, produces a lasting relationship with its customers. Philip can draw on his experience in running a main stream egg business, together with the breeding and rearing commercial layers. The Legbars of Broadway business has built a reputation for the consistent quality and reliability of its stock and attracts customers from famous stately homes and estates to small city gardens and allotments.

If you are keen to bring different coloured eggs into your kitchen a mix of Legbars and Burford Browns might be just the hens for you?

To order your hens...

Please get in touch with Legbars of Broadway through their website:  Click Here

A little history of the legbars

There are three varieties of Legbar – gold, silver and cream. The Gold and Silver are barred Leghorns which lay white or cream eggs, whereas the Cream is crested and lays blue, green, or olive eggs; features which come from the Araucana blood in this bird.  The Cream Legbar was the product of an experiment at Cambridge in 1939/40, by Michael Pease and Prof. Punnett to make a new line of Legbars. Their name comes from the cream coloured, softly barred plumage, the cream is recessive, and a diluted form of ‘gold’, being midway between gold and silver, although it is not known whether the cream gene came from the Chilean hen or the White Leghorn cock, which were used in the breeding programme. The plumage is a mix of pastel shades of grey and cream with attractive salmon breasts on the females.

So if you are looking for some hens with a difference maybe the Legbars or Burford Browns are for you.

Please get in touch with Legbars of Broadway today - Contact Legbars of Broadway.

Legbars of Broadway

Legbars of Broadway








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