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Garden Guardian

Herons can denude a small pond of fish in no time (even large koi are vulnerable and may be severely damaged by a heron's lightning strike). We have created a series of electric fence kits (Garden Guardian) which not only stop herons getting into the water (they almost always alight on land and walk towards the water) but also keeps dogs and cats away from ponds and plants.  Electric fencing for herons can protect your fish pond.

The Garden Guardian Kit comprises a small electric fence which can be located around any size of pond and thus protect your fish. By using short green (upright) garden posts to support the thin green polywire the fence is both effective and unobtrusive. The Garden Guardian Kits will protect ponds up to 30m or 60m perimeter. They can be powered by a small battery energiser running off two D-Cell batteries or via a small mains or solar energiser. These kits are available on our webshop.

Garden & Pond Protection

The Long and Short Over Hanging Arm Kits are another pond protection system which incorporates over hanging arms - these are effective as they are affixed to the edge of the pond meaning that the shallow area is protected.

These arms support lines of polywire and the whole system can be powered by a mains or battery. These over hanging arm kits can also be used on fences or walls to prevent foxes or cats climbing over or if needs be to keep cats in!

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Kits And More Information

We have created a series of electric fence kits depending on the distance to be protected.

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