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Keeping Badgers Out With An Electric Fence


Keeping Badgers Out - Allowing Your Lawn To Grow

Use an electric fence to keep badgers out - prevent damage to gardens and lawns

Yet again the badgers are out in force... we are getting more and more calls this week about badgers either turning over the garden, getting into the veg patch.  So below we have some electric fence kits that might help you. We are also on the end of a phone to put together something bespoke to fit your needs. Believe me I feel your pain for me its moles who are doing the damage to my garden...

So you spent a lot of time planning and landscaping your garden last year and just when you had the time to enjoy them so did Mr and Mrs Badger and their kids too. The plan is this year to do the same back breaking work but for only you and your friends and family to enjoy the garden this time. Well then it is time to start to plan how to keep your garden or veg patch badger clear, well aren't you lucky we have a few kits that will do the job for you.

Our solutions for you....?

We know that electric fencing is not for everyone but it does work (and does no lasting damage to the badger) and so if you need a solution to keep badgers out then this may be it.  Below we explain the different options available to you.... this list is by no means exhaustive - we are always happy to chat to you about your particular garden and what your requirements are... so please just ask.

The electric fencing barrier

Changes a badger's behavior, he cannot see well and so uses his nose to guide him.  If he touches an electric fence this will make him change course away from the electric fence and therefore away from your garden, lawn or which ever area you want to protect. You can see this on our video

We have several options open to you:

1. Electric netting systems

2. Temporary systems

3. Permanent wire or polywire systems

1. Electric Netting Systems

Electric netting is very easy to erect and just as easy to take down and tends to be used for smaller applications (due to maintenance of keeping foliage under control around the net and under the net), however you can link nets together to create a larger enclosure if required. The nets come in 50 meters and two different heights – 0.5m  (orange) and 0.7m (in green).

We have ready made kits available in our on line shop.  All our kits have energisers which are powerful enough to cope with a certain amount of earthing but maintenance will be required to keep a well run system.

electric netting protecting grass - keeping out badgers and rabbitsrabbit and badger protection using electric nettingelectric netting protecting a veggie patch keeping out rabbits and badgers






2. Temporary Fencing

For gardens, lawns and vegetable patches if may be necessary to install a multi-line temporary electric fence.

3 or 4 lines of strong Polywire (9 strand to give a good zap) can be run through plastic posts around smaller areas – these fences can be run off mains, battery powered energisers or battery/solar energisers. The polywire is tensioned on corner or intermittent wooden posts by running it through screw-in ring insulators – this makes the fence more sturdy. More lines of polywire can be added if foxes and rabbits are also a problem. A powerful energiser must be incorporated into the kit to ensure a a strong zap.

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3. Permanent Fencing

A more permanent solution is created by 4 lines of stranded galvanised wire or by adding lines of wire to an existing fence supported by Stand Off Insulators or by installing a new fence with wooden posts. (As badgers are determined it is not recommended to use anything less than 6 strand polywire (6 strand means there are 6 metal filaments running through the polywire that carry the zap - the more strands the more zap). In both cases the wire must be supported via Insulators screwed into posts and then tensioned.  It is possible to stop badgers burying under an existing fence by running a low level wire supported by stand off insulators - this low level wire must be checked regularly to ensure that no foliage is growing on to the line or the system will loose power.  Add further lines higher up to make the fence totally badger proof.

Permanent fence with electric fencing wires on insulators


Tensioning The Wire: A tensioned wire fence will stop badgers from entering specific areas. Once a fence is erected, the wire can be tensioned via wire tensioners or reels however it is essential to incorporate sturdy strainer posts at every change of direction.

If foxes are also a problem, 5-6 lines of wire will be required, together with higher posts.


If you are having issues with badgers on your sports field/ bowling club have a look at out 4 and 6 line kits 

Not sure what you need.. please contact us – we would be happy to talk you through your options.

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