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Our invisible cat containment systems have been designed to give you peace of mind whilst letting your cat(s) enjoy the full extent of your garden/grounds. These systems remove the worry caused by straying, potential road accidents and bothering neighbours.

The system causes no harm to your cat and is effective for any number of animals dependent on the number of collars. You can also create a 'cat free zone' around specific dangerous areas such as driveways, gardens and ponds.

How The Cat Containment System Works

There is no 'fence' to see... it is an invisible fence and the system is more effective and much cheaper than traditional fencing. It can usually be installed and be up and running within a day (the cat may need a little time to get used to the collar)...

Petsafe cat containment

Please follow all instructions that come with the kit very carefully). A wire, which acts as an aerial, is laid around the perimeter nornally under the ground so it is invisible (i.e. continuous loop). Your cat wears a tiny receiver on its collar which picks up a signal when he/she is close to the wire. This gives out a warning sound followed by a correction if it is ignored.

Do you need more information on how this cat collar containment system works? Click here: View further details on how the system works

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