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How Do You Keep Your Electric Fencing Working In Winter?

How Do You Keep Your Electric Fencing Working In Winter?

Its one of the things we do keep going on about - it is important to check your electric fence on a regular basis. Even more so in winter when the weather can be at its worst.
So how do you keep your electric fencing working in winter?  Here are some frequently asked questions that we hope can help you...

Q. Can my energiser be outside in the wintertime?

A. Yes, solar and battery operated energisers can be left outside in wintertime. Mains energisers should never be left outside and should always be housed undercover away from the elements.
Most energisers come with a stand/stake to attach to or they may have a hole in the back so that the energiser can be hung up. To keep water/dampness out of your energiser it is a good idea to keep your energiser off the ground. Hang off a nail tapped into a wooden post or put it on its stand. Keeping the energiser away from ground water and dampness will ensure it lasts longer. Some manufacturers will not repair an energiser under warranty if they see water damage in the energiser’s internal workings.

Q. Do solar energisers still work in the dark winter months?

A. In theory yes a solar energiser should work in the dark winter months. Luckily solar panels work from light – not sunshine. But as we all know just as there is very little sunshine in the winter in the UK and annoyingly there is also less day light. So, my advice would be:
• Yes, solar energisers can work through the winter but they will probably need a top up with a battery charger from time to time.
• Keep checking your fence and as soon as the power starts to drop (and this is not caused by a short) then it is time to give your battery a boost on the charger.
• Also, regularly clean off your solar panels. This helps to get more power to your battery. Just use a damp cloth to clear the panels of dust, leaves, grit and any other debris stuck to them.

Q. Is a hard frost bad for my electric fence?

A. A frost is not all bad for an electric fence but there are two things it would be worth checking.
1. Frozen ground around an earth stake is a problem as it is more difficult for the electric fencing circuit to be completed (see diagram). Try and put your earth stake into the ground in a protected area that wouldn’t get frosted or cover the earth stake and area around it.
2. Frost can break and crack older insulators. When insulators break it is the possible for shorts to occur as the electric fencing line is not protected from the wooden post.

Q. We get a lot of snow in the winter can this affect my electric fencing?

A. Yes snow can affect fencing – electric fencing and permanent fencing. Snow will stop the electric fence from being effective as if the live line is touching the snow it will short the fence and take the zap to the ground just as foliage would. Each time there is a snow fall check your fence – drifting and along with heavy snow can play havoc with any type of fencing. Try to keep your fence lines clear. If your electric fence is a line system it may be possible to disconnect the live lines that are covered with snow and keep the free lines live until the snow has gone. Check that your fencing is tensioned correctly in the colder winter weather to prevent damage in wind and under a heavy snow load.

Q. Will my 12v leisure battery run down faster in colder weather?

A. It is likely that your 12v leisure battery will lose power faster in colder weather. Make sure your battery is not sitting on frozen ground or on a concrete floor and cover it if possible during the colder months. Keep checking your battery and keep charging it up on a regular basis.

How do you keep your electric fencing working in winter?  It is all about keeping an eye on your electric fencing over the winter months perhaps more so than in the calmer weather. Look out for foliage touching the line too as the winter storms can blow foliage and branches onto fencing and this will take all the power out of it.
We answer a lot of electric fencing questions and are always be happy to help.  So if you have any questions about your electric fencing set up or you are just starting out get in touch.

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