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June Energiser Focus - Phoenix 700 Mains Energiser

Phoenix 700 Hotline Mains Energiser

Special Price: First and foremost we'd like to let you know that for a month from June 6th 2014 we have the Phoenix 700 Hotline Mains Energiser on at a discount price.  This sophisticated mains energiser was retailing at £319.94 (inc VAT)... we now have it discounted down to £258.86 (inc VAT)!  That's a saving of £61.08! Please have a read through at all the technical info below on the Phoenix energisers... if you have any questions just ask..

Information:  The Phoenix range of mains powered energisers offer the traditional Hotline reliability paired with the most up to date electric fence technology.  They offer a high level of functionality including 4 user defined alarm settings which alert you to the changing conditions on the fence.  A simple and easy to use scroll menu gives easy access to these settings and is displayed on a large LCD screen which also displays fence information.  The bright LED bar gives a clear indication of fence performance at a glance.

Command & Communicate:   This module can also be installed in all Phoenix energisers.  With the addition of a standard SIM card, the unique internally installed GSM unit relays alarm information via text allowing you to respond instantly to alarm conditions and potential problems.  The system is also invaluable for on the spot maintenance as the fence can be switched on and off from any location to allow work to proceed in safety - meaning it is not necessary to walk back to where ever the energiser is situated.  The system will also relay up to date status reports to your mobile when requested.  All of the Phoenix energisers have a 12v battery back up facility - idea in the event of a mains power failure.

Phoenix 700:  A powerful unit which combines great power and modern technology. Ideal for equestrian yards, large paddocks and general farm use.  The energiser has two extra terminals which facilitate the fence testing capabilities - the energiser has the normal earth (black) and live (red) terminals and a further green terminal which connects an independent line that runs to the earth stake.  The blue terminal is connected to the end of the fence (the fence mustn't be connected back to itself) and can therefore inform if there is a break on the fence.  By using the menu it is possible to create a limit that the fence must not go below - if it does an alarm will be triggered.  Please see technical details below for further info:

  • 7.9 stored joules, 6.2 joules output
  • 110/240v mains input
  • drop down terminal cover
  • LED indicator
  • 4 alarm settings
  • battery back up facility

As suggested above this unit is compatible with the Phoenix Mobile Phone command and communicate system.

This energiser can power max 50km or wire or polywire or 30 sheep nets or 25 poultry nets (under ideal conditions). 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

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