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Introducing 'THE HOT GATE'


Well hello! Clearish skys......12hr and 19 mins today between sunrise and sunset here in East Lothian and its welcomed by the singing of the birds and clucking of hens. Now I do not have hens myself but where I work there are 6 beauties roaming freeish and they are loving the sunlight, laying eggs and bathing in the dust - a lovely sight to see.

So after what feels like a long wet windy winter how is the your ground around your poultry netting gate? Churned up like a Clydesdale has ploughed through?? I bet it is and for those of you thinking no my ground is fine is it because you already have the lovely convenient HOTGATE?

What can a Hot Gate do for you?

Well let me tell you a wee bit about the HOTGATE and why I think it is a good investment;

The hot gate can be attached to any of our poultry nets it simply ties onto the existing netting and provides the 19mm gate post, handles and most importantly the dock (there is a hot gate for 1.1m netting and for 1.22m netting).

So you have a bucket of water in one hand and feed in the other you have trudged across the paddock/garden and realised that you have left the electric not fear you can open the hotgate with one hand and in you go, because the hot gate has an insulated handle.  It makes it quicker and easier to get on with your day to day job of collecting eggs and cleaning out.



Check out the video showing how easy it is to use.

Hot Gate Components

When you buy the HOTGATE you will receive the following ;

1 x 19mm gate post with out prong that fits into dock (with handle on the top)

1 x 19mm double pronged post for dock (with handle on the top)

1 x 12mm double pronged post at other side of netting gate

1 x 1.25m close mesh green netting 1.2m high

2 x insulated gate handles - attached to posts at the top

1 x dock

2 x galvanised pegs for dock

6 x tie wraps

 Opening Length: 1.25m. Colour: Green.


So in essence you are making your life easier, keeping the ground well intact and adding 1.25m to the fence line. Happy Days.

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IMAG1295 IMG_2099 Electric Netting Set Up hot-gate

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