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Going on holidays and worries about battery life?


Are you heading away on your holidays soon (lucky you) and are going to leave someone else in charge of the zoo? Are you worried about the length of your battery life and that your friend will have to lug the battery in to be charged?

Well why not look at adding a solar panel to your set up? A fantastic way to lengthen the life of your battery. So instead of every few weeks having to cart the battery home to charge you will only be doing it approx 3 times a year(dependent on position to the sun)

Check out our solar panels, here is a blog on the solar panels

If you are buying from scratch then have a look at the Fire Drake these beauties are a solar panel, energiser and battery all in one with a mains charger for the long winter months should you need.

Have a look at the blog on the fire Drake if it trickles your fancy

Any other info you need:

The battery must not be ignored, you will still need to check it regularly and charge it if required.  Always check the fence regularly with a fence tester I recommend the KV10 LED tester.


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