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Get Your Poultry Netting Ready for Winter

 Premium 1.2 poultry netting
We've just had an Indian Summer!... but alas the evenings are drawing in and soon the weather of Autumn and Winter will be upon us... gales and driving rain will bring us back to reality!  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! So get your electric netting enclosure sorted before the wet and windy weather closes in!For the poultry enthusiasts amongst you, if you were either constantly lifting your poultry electric netting end post in and out of muddy ground “ soup” or were having to wrench it out of icy ground then you need to Get Ready for Winter and buy one of our discounted Hotgates – it just connects easily into your existing Hotline netting! It’s got insulated handles so you don’t need to turn anything off and you’ll not get a zap and at the same time it protects the ground at your netting entrance.Also, if your current netting is sagging onto the ground you’ll be losing valuable power and you’ll be less likely to keep our Mr Fox – so act now and consider buying some extra posts to help tighten up the net…


MHGG - 1.1m Netting Poutry Gate ... Now only £15.92

CP122 - 1.2m High Corner Post ... Now only £3.90

PGS2 - 1.2m Hot-Gate System ... Now only £30.38

PMSPBL - 1.2m Single Pronged Netting Post ... Now oly £1.97

MSPGATE - 1.2m Netting Poultry Gate ... Now only £20.28

These great offers are available until the 31st October or until stock lasts!


If you are having any trouble with your netting enclosure please read through our informative blog on tips for putting up netting - we try to make all of our blogs as useful and informative as possible (and hopefully not too boring...afterall the main topic is electric fencing!).

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Farmers daughter (my mother was the farmer!) with many years experience of farming, equestrian and electric fencing. Living the 'good life' and forever trying to find the perfect work/life balance!
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