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Fireworks and your pets, help keep them safe


Ok so Guy Fawkes is fast approaching us and I am sure much like everyone I am looking forward to the fireworks BUT there are many many animals out there who do not like and are very afraid of them. Please if you are having a display you let the pet owners and farmers in the area know when it is on.

Below is some helpful information from the SSPCA

As November approaches, we have issued our annual warning that fireworks can have a serious impact on the welfare of animals and we are calling for tighter restrictions regarding the sale and public use of fireworks.

We believe current regulations are so relaxed that fireworks can be set off on any given day and for weeks and months on end rather than being limited to the major festival periods, which leaves pet owners and farmers unable to make adequate provisions for their animals.

During fireworks season, we strongly advise that all pets are taken indoors after dark as dogs and cats often flee at the sound, which can be very dangerous. Rabbits and guinea pigs usually kept in outdoor hutches can also become very frightened so they should be brought inside too.

Keeping your curtains closed and putting your TV or radio on can help by providing a distraction from the noise and you should try to stay calm yourself and ignore the bangs as much as possible as pets can pick up on stress and anxiety. If your pet is having a severe reaction to fireworks you should speak to your vet for further advice or treatment.

We have also issued a warning to those planning a bonfire as we recently rescued a hedgehog who was suffering from burned spines. We would urge people to check bonfires before they are lit for hibernating animals such as hedgehogs, frogs and toads.

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