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Fencing Maintenance In The Snow


Well the winter is well underway and this means snow for most. Now if you are a child then all you are thinking of is building a snowman and sledging.. actually as an adult this can be fun but if you are a small holder or farmer then you are thinking maintenance of your electric fencing in the snow..

How is your fencing affected by snow?

Your fence can be affected by the snow… check the lines are clear and not broken by a heavy dump of snow… but more importantly your animals will not be earthed if they are standing on top of the snow.  This means that if the animal touches the electric fence when they are standing on say a few inches of snow they would not get the usual zap.

Netting - If your enclosure is small – say a 50m poultry netting enclosure then it is practical to clear around the net making sure that if a fox does approach the net he will be standing on the ground and get his usual zap.

Field Fencing - If your enclosure is larger it may be practical to run an earth wire around the enclosure so that when the animal touches the earth and live wire together it will get a zap (even if it is standing on an inch or two of snow) as the earth wire is earthing it.  An earth wire needs to either be connected to the earth stake or run into the earth/ground.

I would also suggest the use of a fence tester to make sure you have the correct power on the fence line

If you have experience of your fence in the snow or questions about electric fencing in the snow contact us:

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