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The Fence Tester - Friend of the Electric Fence Owner

Hello All,

So do you all check to see if your fences are working properly do you use a friend then wonder when you ask for help with a fencing problem do they suddenly become very busy or just find out when the animals have escaped that it is not....If you do check them how do you do it?  The Fence Tester - Friend of the Electric Fence Owner

Essential Accessories: The Fence Tester

Touch and jump back?

Get someone else to?

Or use a fence tester?

If like me you are a wimp and use a tester ( the best option really) then this blog is for you. A fence tester is an integral piece of kit, use it well and it will help you in many ways, stop you from getting zapped, keep the stock in or out, maintain the fence well.

KV10 LED Tester   £20.46


This is by far our most popular and best for every day use, stick it in your pocket or have it attached to your keys.

10 KV LED Tester.  This tester shows voltage on 10 levels from 1,000 to 10,000.  Designed so that it is easy to read outside in the day light and colour coded to help distinguish the higher voltage.  Easy to fit into a pocket.  Just touch fence with the tester and it will read the voltage as it is self earthing.  A very handy and essential tool for every electric fence. Powered by 2 1.5v lithium batteries

Check out the video below


Pocket Fence Tester  £9.34


This tester bleeps when placed close to fence line to indicate live fence. It is a small fence tester for the pocket (just don't forget to check your pockets for it  before you put your trousers in the washing machine !!!)   Quick, small and easy to use.

Six Lite Tester  £13.42


The Six lite fence tester shows voltage on 6 levels via neon clear lights 1000 to 6000. Can also help test your energiser and earth stake effectiveness.  Probe must go into the ground and tester is placed on fence.

Fence Alert - Good Voltage   £27.53


Use this device to clip to your fence line and show you that the voltage is fine. It means you can have a look out the window and have peace of mind that your fence is working. Stops flashing only when voltage goes below 2000-3000 volts. This is best used on tape and rope, it will not pick up netting and polywire very well due to the small surface area.

Digital Fence Tester   £38.39


Digital fence tester which provides digital display of voltage when placed on fence. Ideal for locating low voltage and problem areas. So when walking the fence line you can identify the problem even if it is not visible.

JVA Electric Fence Fault Finder  £114.00


This is a great piece of kit for the money, it points in the direction of your fault be the fault be above or underground. Directional fault finder which identifies where the fault in the fence line is. This is a magic device which is self earthing and has a digital display and locates the problem area of the fence line for you.

Simply place anywhere on the fence line and the fault finder does the rest ! Simples..

Mobile Phone Command & Control Unit  £251.42


SMS Command Unit. Unique Command and Communicate control system.

SMS Unit which relays critical info to your mobile phone and gives you remote control of your fence from your mobile phone. Alerts you to:

  • fence shortage
  • low voltage situations
  • fence line breaks

Works with your existing mobile phone and uses standard SIM card, sends text alerts on fence breeches.

Compatible with 1600 & 2500 Phoenix energisers.

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