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FAQ - Three Reel Systems

Knowledge is power....!  So here are lots of FAQ about electric fence three reel systems to help you.

  1. Why would I want a three reel electric fencing system?  Well... the short answer is for temporary pasture and paddock maintenance. Are you needing to strip graze a field to manage it efficently?  Rotate your grazing for cattle in the summer months to enable you to get more silage?  You need a portable system to keep your sheep moving whilst munching on turnips in the autumn?  There are many uses... the system was developed to enable a highly portable electric fence system that was easy to put up and to store.
  2. Can you run more than one three reel system together?  Yes you can run more than one three reel system together.  You need to ensure that your energiser can cope with the distance to be covered.
  3. How do you connect three reel systems together?  The reels are held on a reel fixing post - this is the start of the fence.  The end of the fence can be tied off on a metal end post or wooden post with insulators... The start and then ends of the fencing should be placed next to each other and the fences should be connected with line to line connectors so that the power can transfer easily.
  4. What type of animal would a three reel system keep in?  Generally if you are using wire or polywire on your reels these systems would keep in cattle, sheep and pigs.  If you use rope or tape you could use the system for horses or ponies.
  5. Can you use tape on a three reel system?  Yes you can use tape on a three reel system.  However you will not get as much tape or rope on a reel as you would wire or polywire.
  6. What comes with a three reel system?  It varies from system to system... but generally you would get:
    • 3 x reels
    • 1 x reel fixing post
    • 3 x reel fixing brackets
    • plastic posts
    • line to line connectors
    • 2 end or corner metal posts
    • wire/polywire/tape or rope
  7. Can you buy all the components separately?  Yes all the parts of the kit come separately if required... so you can make up your own system or add to a system if you like.
  8. Which energiser can I use with a three reel system?  You can use any energiser that would deal with the distance of the fence - and remember that this is x 3.  Ie if your system is 500m long because you have three lines you need to have an energiser that can cope with 1500m of fencing.  You also need to consider which animals you are keeping in - so sheep for example have woolly bodies and so are more insulated... so you would require an energiser with a strong output.  Less might be needed for diary cows who are more docile!
  9. Can it be extended?  If a three reel system comes with 500m on the reel and the reel is full then you cannot add any more to that system ... but you can always connect it to another three reel system or other electric fencing to make the fence longer.
  10. Does it all have to be used?  No the wire/polywire/tape/rope on the reel doesn't have to be reeled out fully.  You only need to reel out as much as you need.
  11. Can I attach it to the wooden posts so to strip graze the field?  The three reel system can be attached to wooden posts - some farmers tie the metal reel fixing posts to wooden posts.  Some people use extra wooden posts in the corners as extra support.... as long as the electric fencing wires are running through insulators and not touching the wood the system will work fine.
  12. Can I use more than 3 lines (eg add in another 3 reel kit to have 6 lines)?  Yes of course this is possible. The reel posts need to be staggered sightly at the start and then all the wires can run into insualtors on a post or through the slots on a plastic post and then you would run the wires as you would on a three reel system - there are more lines per post.
  13. Difference between the reels?
    1. There are smaller plastic reels (with clutch and a screw on the back)... these have smaller capacity and can fix on to the reel fixing post without a bracket. This reel can hold...
      • 300 metres of Polywire OR
      • 300 metres of Galvanised Wire OR
      • 100 metres of Electric Rope OR 100 metres of Electric Fence Tape (Tape up to 12mm diameter).
    2. There are larger premium reels.  These reels have a geared system - either 1:1 or 1:3.  Obviously the 1:3 reel reels in the fencing 3 times as fast as the 1:1 reel.  These reels have breaks and have a larger capacity:
      • tape = 200m x 10mm - 12mm OR
      • rope = approx. 150m - 6mm OR
      • wire/polywire = approx. 800m up to 1.6mm wire.

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Farmers daughter (my mother was the farmer!) with many years experience of farming, equestrian and electric fencing. Living the 'good life' and forever trying to find the perfect work/life balance!
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