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FAQ - Electric Fence Energiser












Electric fence energiser, energizer, fencer unit, fencer, fence charger or fence controller... whatever you call this handy unit... there are always lots of questions.  Below are some of the most FAQ about electric fencing energisers that we get asked by our customers at Electric Fencing Direct.  If, of course, you cannot find the answer to your question here... just get in touch... or if you want to buy an energiser click here!


1. How do I choose the most suitable electric fence energiser?

The energiser you choose depends on many variables, including the type of animal being controlled, the length of the fence, its location, and even the climate (wet climates can drain energy from the fence and dry climates can cause earthing problems). In general, choose a higher powered energiser than you think you need to handle unexpected challenges such as vegetation and to allow for possible future expansion of your fence.

2. Can my electric fence energiser live out doors?

Well this is a yes and no answer.... yes if your electric fencing energiser is run from battery or battery/solar but no if your energiser is run off mains.  All mains electric fence energisers need to be kept under cover or inside.  Mains energizers come with an adaptor plug that goes into the mains socket - so it needs to have no water or dampness around it.










3. Can I use a car battery with my battery electric fencer unit?

Battery operated energisers (or electric fencer unit) will either run off 6v, 9v or 12v batteries.  If the energiser you have chosen runs off a 12v battery then you can use a car battery or a leisure battery.  However there is a difference...

  1.  car batteries - are quick release and so the power will run out of the battery quickly.
  2.  leisure or agri batteries - are slow release and so the power lasts longer than a car battery.

So in general most manufacturers and retailers of electric fencing will always recommend that you use a leisure/agri 12v battery.

4. Can I add a solar panel to the energiser?

Yes you can add a solar panel to your electric fencing system... this would make your system solar assist.  You would need 1 x energiser, 1 x 12v battery and 1 x solar panel & stand.  The solar panel clips on to the battery terminals and drip feeds the battery.  The energiser also clips on to the battery terminals and takes the energy out of the battery to power the fence.  It is an effecient and time saving way to power your fence.  Well worth it.









5. Can I use 2 energisers on the same fence?

No you cannot use two energisers or fencers on the same electric fence.

6. How many earth stakes do I need?

How long is a piece of string!!  It is possible you may only need one earth stake for your fence... however if your ground is very dry and stoney or if your fence is very long you may want to consider adding more than one earth stake.  It is really easy to do.  Put your earth stakes 1m apart and connect together with lead out cable.  Make sure the earth stakes are pushed in to the ground as far as possible.  Test your fence and test your earth stakes to see if there are any shorts.

7. Do I need an electrician to install my electric fencing energiser?

The short answer is no.  With instructions it is easy to install an electric fence.  You are not dealing with mains electricity.  The electric fence has low amps running through it and so it is not dangerous to touch.  It takes a bit of planning and understanding but it is possible to get your electric fencing put up and working by yourself.

8. Can I buy new leads/cables if mine break?

Yes new leads are cables are available for all Hotline energisers.  Energiser to battery leads and earth leads and live leads are all available.

To find all our energisers and energiser leads etc... click here to take you to our online shop.


If you have any further questions with regard to electric fencing energisers please just ask.  We would be happy to help.

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