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Energiser Focus - Red Kite Mains Energiser

August Energiser Focus - Red Kite Mains Energiser

This offer finished 31st August 2013

Not sure which energiser you need?  How much power do you need for your fencing and can it work with solar?

These are FAQ and so we have decided to try to help you in two ways... firstly each month we will focus on one energiser and we will blog as much information as we can about this  energiser so that you can make an informed choice when you choose the energiser for your system ... secondly the energiser in focus will be on offer for that month.

Mains Red Kite Energiser Mains Red Kit Energiser

The Red Kite is the August energiser in focus and normally retails at £127.38 but we have it on offer at £102.99 inc VAT!  What a bargain.... please see below for information on what the Red Kite can do for you.... any questions please just ask!  Made by Hotline Electric Fencing in the UK.

The Red Kite is a mains energiser for containing sheep, horses and poultry and for use to exclude wild predators. A very portable energiser which is easy to use and its size means it can hang on a nail on the back of a fence post.

The Red Kite - a brand new mains energiser for 2013.

  • 1.64 stored joules, 1.4 output joules
  • wall mount
  • hard wired for mains only
  • should be housed inside
  • pulse indicator
  • comes with earth and fence leads

The Red Kite can power up to 20km of wire, 8 sheep nets or 3 poultry nets in ideal conditions.

Ideal for small paddocks, short lengths of strip grazing and poultry set ups.

We have many different types of energiser but if you are not sure what you need contact us.  We always say it … but we really mean it – we love talking electric fencing!

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