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February Energiser Focus - Raptor 80

We love it when a manufacturer comes up with a new product that ticks all the boxes.  The Raptor 80 really has everything you could need in an energiser (The Raptor Range consists of 4 energisers of differing capacity).  It is a new generation of smarter combination energisers created to make electric fencing easier to maintain and manage.

So what is new and so special about the Raptor 80? ...............

Raptor 80 Features

These three features make this energiser stand out from a very crowded market place:

1. Fence Performance Indicator  -  Not many of us always remember to take our fence tester to check the fence.  Hotline know this and so have devised the three colour spinning LED lights which gives you the following information:

  • the three colour rotating LED rotates with every pulse showing how much effective voltage you have on the fence line.  Green is good, blue is acceptable and red means your fence needs attention.
  • a central LED flashes red when your 12v battery is low or when the energiser has switched to the back up the 6v internal battery
  • if operating from the 230v adapter and has a 6v battery inserted the LED will indicate that the energiser is operating on battery back up

2. Power Source - What versatility!

  • this energiser can run off a 12v leisure battery, solar, a 6v battery housed internally (not included) or mains electricity (adapter included).
  • the 6v battery is of a standard size and is available from most supermarkets or hardware stores.
  • if a higher amps 6v battery is used this can also be used as the primary power supply creating a lightweight and very portable energiser.

3. Stand - Treat your energiser with respect...leaving any energiser on the ground in the damp wet conditions is the ideal recipe for a faulty energiser! The new Raptor Range comes with a galvanised stand to keep it off the ground and out of harms way. This stand should not be used an earth stake.

Technical stuff:

  • Output 0.70j
  • Stored 0.80j
  • 6v internal battery provides primary or back up power
  • 12v external battery power input
  • 230v input (via adaptor)
  • Three colour fence performance indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • Robust, heavy duty ABS case
  • Galvanised stand
  • Weather proof on/off switch

This energiser could power - 8km of wire in ideal condidtions, or 5 sheep nets or 2 x 50m poultry nets.

A 12v 75amp/hr leisure battery would last about 3 weeks before requiring a recharge.

Why would you choose this energiser?

Quite honestly... why settle for anything less.  The Raptor Range is the begining of a new generation of smarter energisers.  The Raptor 80 is ideal for movable poulty enclosures, post and rail protection fences for horses, three line systems for pigs... actually depending on the size of the system this energiser will more than do the job.  What I like about it most is there is never a need to worry about a leisure battery running out or a power cut because if you have your 6v internal battery as a back up... livestock stays safe and predators are kept out!

If you would like more information on the Raptor Range of energisers please just ask…

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Meriel Younger

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Farmers daughter (my mother was the farmer!) with many years experience of farming, equestrian and electric fencing. Living the 'good life' and forever trying to find the perfect work/life balance!
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