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May Energiser Focus - Battery Operated Super Merlin Energiser

May Energiser Focus - Hotline Super Merlin Energiser

One of Hotlines all time best performing energisers!  This is the new version of the Super Merlin which was updated in 2013.  It can operate from an internal 6v battery (not included), which can be used as a backup power source, or as the primary power supply for maximum portability.  However it does perform at it's best when connected to a 12v leisure battery.

Stored/Output joules conversion has been greatly improved in this revamped model. Hotline have designed a new "Fence Performance Indicator", which shows you conveniently at a glance how well your electric fence is performing.  The general design of the enerigser is sleeker and made for durability - the case has been manufactured from heavy duty ABS plastic and the mounting spike is made of hard-wearing galvanised steel (the mounting stake should not double up as an earth stake).

One of Hotline's best 12v mid powered energisers with a 6v internal battery back up... the Super Merlin's key features are:

  • 0.44 stored joules
  • 0.35 output joules
  • 6v or 12v input
  • single spiked stand
  • on/off switch
  • low battery/pulse indicator
  • earth and live connectors
  • energiser to battery lead
  • solar assist compitable
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty

The Super Merlin can power:

  • 6km of wire in ideal conditions or
  • 2 sheep nets
  • it is not suitable for poultry netting

A 12v 75 amp/hr battery will last approx 12 weeks when powering a system through this energiser.

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