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Straight From The Highland Cattle's Mouth - aka A Fab Wee Report From Me, Candy Floss!

candy-floss-country-bumpkinhorns Me keeking oot of the barn, just had my hooves and fur beautified

Hiya All! ... it's me, Candy Floss!

(Remember me? - I'm that world famous super intelligent - and pretty - Highland cow that ran off and found myself a nice new home at the fantastic Hillside Animal Sanctuary!

Anyways...since our very kind and efficient keepers are so-o-o busy feeding, cleaning and looking after us, as a kind surprise (I'm full of those!)  thought I'd write the end of year report for Electric Fencing Direct and their lovely readers all by myself! Hurray!!

So what's the skinny on 2016..? Well, where do I start ....? Its been an incredibly busy and  year for the Sanctuary so I'm just gonna have to pick out a few things to tell you lucky old lot.

So, dya know... in September a ton of animals from Blossoms Rescue centre in Suffolk came to live with us - they'd lost most of their land and couldn't stay there. And Wow.. shed-loads of animals turned up here and it was chocka for a coupla days but we managed to spread out all the new members of our family amongst us, nice and snug.

I tell ya, that wee Snoopy the Shetland from Blossoms Rescue centre  is some character ....and another extra special pal o mine is the big Rus, a big old handsome ex-racehorse. I tell you he is still very fast - just watch him gooooooo when theres a carrot around!

Ya boo sucks surprise with the weather for 2016 though-  another wet year -  it rained 3 solid weeks in Novemeber! Yukkk  - mud everywhere! But luckily us lot are nice and snug with all the hay you kind lot have donated us or wheesht, we'd be in some old mess! Anyone else want to help buy in some Hay to get us lot through the winter? Yeah you over there !- you know you do! all you gotta do is just click here!!! or the piccy below. Catch this lick of thanks from me! 

And BTW...did you lot notice my hooves in the photo?I had a long and enjoyable session with our own Cootician (okay some of the others call her the Beautician) - she trimmed and polished up my hooves so much so that I could see my rather lovely eyes reflected on them - they were that bright 'n shiny!  

Image 1

Mind you .. the Donkeys and Ponies are fair needing a new Barn and have launched a fab appeal - so if you'd rather give to that, fair enough - heres a piccy of some of the lovelies staying out o' the rain -they're not daft, i can tell you!

hey... and did you hear about wee Henry? What a cute wee cocker he was -see him below! No-one wanted him to begin with, with him being blind but I have FANTASTIC NEWS for you.. Dun dun dun! Henry now has a new happy home!
Hurray ... ! Good luck me old cocker Henry, we will miss your slobbers and barking and hope you've many happy years in your new home!

Yeh Hillside's Dog Rescue takes in dogs from all around the UK and tries to find loving family homes for them...iIf you'd like to help you could feed a rescued dog for a week or even buy one a dog coat! Just SO many ways to help these wee pooches!

Oh... sorry but I've ran oot of time.. I see my lunch coming and don't want to miss it's time to wrap up (geddit..?) this wee report, so I'll sign off for the noo then,
All thats left for me to do is to thank you all for Supporting the Hillside Animal Sanctuary during 2016 ... And have A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
lots of licks from your lovely hairy pal Candy Floss xoxoxoxoxox


cf pic 

Traci Davidson

About Traci Davidson

Been with EFD for over 3 years, how time flies! Have a keen interest in animal welfare and the environment.

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