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Carefree Poultry Coops

Carefree Hen Coops and Traditional Wooden Poultry Housing

If you are looking for a new hen house or chicken coop, maybe your coop is on its last legs or your flock is expanding... then you have come to the right place...we have a fantastic offer available until the end of June 2014 ...

We have carefully sourced our poultry housing... and believe Carefree Coops are a well engineered design.

Carefree Coops

Computer designed and precision manufactured housing systems to provide the ideal environment for your hens.

These coops are:

  • Tough and durableCarefree Coops
  • precision designed and manufactured
  • Comfortable for your hens
  • Helps eradicate red mite
  • Designed to meet the Poultry Club of Great Britain's guidelines for hen welfare
  • Available with free 3 year guarantee, subject to a simple on-line registration

Carefree Coop Special Offer

The Winscombe Coop (3-6 hens) and the Churchill Coop (6-10 hens) are available with a hen run... and with our special offer this run comes absolutely free !!!  See Carefree Coops section in our online shop. (Available until 31st May 2014)

cc Winscombe with run cc Winscombe without run cc Winscombe interior cc door latch detail cc Churchill without run cc Churchill with run cc Churchill rear cc Churchill interior

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