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BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: The Gemini 120 - Future Proof Your Fencing


26th - 30th November 2021


HOTLINE RRP £178.22... Now £104.09

Gemini 120 Dual Powered Energiser


If you have a medium sized area to fence off and in the future think you might want to add to it then take a look at this energiser; this energiser is very versatile - you can choose to run it off any of the following:

  • mains power
  • battery power
  • or off battery with solar assist power

And if you're thinking about using netting to protect your chickens and want to be extra cautious and pop on a few extra lines around them as well - well this energiser will do the job nicely.  You could have 150m of netting and run a few lines of polywire round the enclosure as well.  Or you might just want to run a few different systems off the one energiser? Well if so it will do the job brilliantly.

Everyone at Electric Fencing Direct loves the Gemini 120 because although it's nice and compact and easy to hang up on a post it gives out great power whether its to keep out pesky Mr Fox or to keep in animals who always want to get to the greener grass on the other side!

So the Gemini 120 is a great piece of kit. It is dual powered (sometimes called combination energiser) and this means it can run off a 12v Battery, 12v Battery and Solar or off Mains power so if you want to be able to move between mains and battery power it is very easy to do so (it comes with all the earth and live leads as well as mains and battery connections). If the energiser is being powered by battery it is also possible to add in a solar panel and stand that will trickle feed the battery (for those of you who know me you will know I am all for the solar).

So this energiser is ideal for mid-level fencing needs for both the smallholder, horse owner and general farmer who wants to protect gardens, poultry, horses, cattle, pigs and sheep.

Technical Info:

  • 2.4j stored power, 1.2j of power output
  • 110/240v mains input
  • fully sealed and weather proof
  • self hanging on post/wall
  • LED indicators showing power status
  • Solar Assist compatible (10 w & 20 w)
  • Ideal for intermediate to larger sized paddocks, strip grazing and poultry set ups.

Max 18km, 15 sheep nets or 4 poultry nets in ideal conditions.  3 year warranty.

This Black Friday, (from 26th - 30th November 2021),  you will be getting the super super bad boy of the Gemini world at a great price!


We always like to recommend the use of a fence tester (or friend 😂)

KV10 Fence Tester:

KV10 Fence Tester – many electric fencing manufacturers say that an electric fencing system is not complete unless a tester is included.  Unless you touch the fence how will you know a) if it working and b) how much power is going through the fence?

The KV10 electric fence tester shows voltage from 1,000 to 10,000.  The tester was designed with LED lights so that it is easy to read outside in the day light and colour coded to help distinguish the higher voltage.  It fits easily into your pocket and is easy to use – just touch fence with the tester and it will read the voltage as it is self earthing.  Powered by 2 1.5v lithium batteries ( these are super easy to change)

Check out the informative video.

We have many different types of energiser but if you are not sure what you need contact us.  We always say it … but we really mean it – we love talking electric fencing!

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