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BETA 2016


Have you lovely lot got your BETA ticket booked yet??

beta 2-16

We have  - and are already looking forward to it. Gives us something exciting to look forward to for after Christmas!

Click here and here the link for the BETA show information and sign up

Hoping to see you there (with bells on)!


..meantime's here's our wee blog from last year's BETA visit

BETA 2015

Well we had an amazing time the other week down at BETA for the 1st time,

Yes it was over 6 hours to get there and yes we were poopered when we got back but it was SOOOO AMAZING

So we drove down on Saturday afternoon in the most beautiful weather and got to see some lovely countryside. We arrived in the dark and ready for a wine.... after a good feed and a good sleep we headed off to the NEC and it was very busy  with a caravan show and lots of other stuff going on.

Our 1st point of call was the Charles Owen area for a Hat standard update and then it was off to catch up with the Hotline/Horizont guys, dump our coats and grab a coffee.

So the guys on the Hotline/Horizont stand were looking good - all raved up for 3 days of chatting to people and offering advice. Here are some of the pictures we took.

20150222_110102 20150222_115452 IMG_4679 (1) IMG_4685 (1) 20150222_112327 20150222_112237

Check out the niffty Solar powered water pump in action, I do think it is missing a rubber duckie..


Well 1st of all I am pony mad and love anything pony and horsey also I love to look at the new styles coming out in fashion, leather wear and any new innovations in saddlery as well as checking out our competition in the electric fencing world.

We were down there on the 1st day so everything was shiny and new and everyone was rearing to go (not that they wouldn't be on the other days) I even bumped into a old friend who works for British Eventing.

So yes we were down there to check out the new things for electric fencing but I couldn't help but have a good nose round all the other stands, great strides forward in riders safety both competing and on the roads.

1901511_969927229699019_7276627783425777549_n This lovely lady was so still I was convinced she was a statue (oh how wrong I was as she touched someone on the the screams..)

Well after a great day chatting to folks looking at the comings years fashion, saddlery and new products we were well and truly poopered and it was time to hit the road on the 6 hour drive home.

We hope to see you all again next year BETA

Leslie Sutherland

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