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Battery TLC this winter

Well, we first put this Blog out at the beginning of November but we've had it pretty easy temperature-wise in the most of UK up 'til now ... so we thought it'd be worth putting this blog out again now that the ice and snow have well and truly hit a lot of us and we have had loads of questions about care of batteries over the winter!

The bottom line is that a wee bit of TLC of your battery now may help you avoid trouble with your electric fence later this winter!

The good news is that if you do need to order a new 12v battery we can get one to you within a day or two (mainland UK delivery is £9.95)  so any queries about what battery/charger you need please get in touch

01620 860058 or


Well hello November,

So we are in the 2nd week in November and by now we should be planning our winter grazing habits (so as not to have last minute panics and realise you have to wait 3 days to let the animals out again because you need to purchase a new battery...)!

Like most of us batteries don't like to get too cold and so here are some helpful tips and hints for you to help with battery care over the long winter months.


Fit One Charge One - used for electric fencing

  • Think about covering your battery. As the temperatures drop so does the battery's efficiency. Stand your battery on a wooden box, cover with a bucket or plastic storage tub to keep frost, snow, ice off. Make your battery like you when you go out in the cold... cover up, stay as dry as you can and keep warm!
  • Freezing weather on an unprotected battery will potentially lead to more shortages or shorten the life of your battery
  • Ice covered batteries can short out due the the ice on the connection cables to your energiserBattery
  • Don't leave your battery sitting on a concrete floor in-between charges this leads to the batteries temp dropping and the charge life shortening
  • Recharge your battery more often during winter months set your notifications on your phone to charge your battery every 2 weeks
  • If the battery's being stored unused over the winter months then it is best to store it fully charged and if you are storing it for a long period of time, it is best to charge it during this time and then again before you use it on your fence
  • Check your fence more regularly with your fence tester
  • Check all the connections regularly as snow or ice on connections can lead to shorting on your fence
  • Your battery has a life of 5 to 7 years so treat it well over the winter months and you will look after your animals for a long time
  • Don't forget to have the correct charger for you battery voltage and amp size!

We have a range of batteries and battery chargers in our online shop.  If, however, you are not sure what you need please just ask... we'd be happy to help advise you:

If you need a new battery for this torch – please select the L4V from our torch accessories.

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