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Paddock posts on SALE

Our 1 meter height Premium Paddock Posts are on SALE

Some of you will be looking at strip grazing soon.

The 1 meter premium paddock posts are used for many many reason with many animals. We have all seen them in use in a horse field separating the field off or even in a field with sheep.

CP2000oPremium Blue Paddock Post CP White post cp2000 plastic electric fencing posts

Why would you need to split the field?

Splitting a field into sections can be done for many reasons, The field might be very large and the animals only need a section of it whilst the other section is being used for hay,  if the rain just keeps falling you might need to section off the field so you have something left for the spring time and something for the animals to eat, if you have a sick or injured animal and they need limited space to move around but you want them to be allowed some out of barn freedom or it could just be keeping the animals away from a potential danger.

Here are a few pictures of them in action

027 strip grazing for sheep IMAG0219 badger fence IMG_2765 images (1) IMAG1927 IMAG1935three reel system - electric fence







As you can see they are used to section off the field and to keep animals within a certain area. One of the picture also shows them used within a garden to keep animals off the lovely flower bed, sheep grazing down a grass field and the other side is kept lush for later on in the year or for hay use. Also you can see the fencing does not have to be full height to keep the animals in as they respect the electric fencing, Check out the huge horses behind a 1m high fence.

Check out the Premium Paddock Posts in the sale for £13.00 for 10.

Offer on until 30th April 2019

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