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  The Home Of Hotline's Movable 3 Line System

Upgraded - Premium 3 Reel System - 500M 9 Strand Turbobraid With Geared Reels 

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Summer is disappearing fast... In Scotland the Kids are already back at school. We have our Hotline Buzzard 12 volt Battery Energiser on offer

RRP £247.80             Offer Price £158.84

The Buzzard energiser is recommended for use on long boundary fencing applications where it is not possible to use a mains electricity energiser. It is great for longer distances of netting as well.

The Buzzard energiser is a very powerful energiser with two output levels. If animals are being fenced for the first time, the energiser should be set to 'high' for the first week and can then be switched to 'low' after this initial period in order to conserve the battery life. If however, the electric fence is being used to keep animals out, the energiser should always be switched to the 'high' output position.

As the Buzzard energiser is designed to be used on long lengths of electric fencing, a powerful rechargeable battery of around 75-125 amp will be required. The LED will flash GREEN when the unit is working correctly, but will change to RED when the battery requires re-charging.

The Buzzard is a popular 12v high powered energiser suitable for all agricultural and equestrian uses as well as with our Fox busting Poultry nets 

See below for the energiser spec:

  • 12v input
  • Rigid four pronged stand
  • Solar assist compatible
  • low battery/pulse indicator
  • A 12v 75 amp/hr battery will last for 3 weeks on the lower power setting
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty

Low setting

  • Max 20km fencing, 8 sheep nets or 3 poultry nets in ideal conditions on lower setting
  • 1.6 joules stored, 1.25 joules output on lower setting

High setting

  • Max 25km fencing, 20 sheep nets or 6 poultry nets in ideal conditions on higher setting.
  • 3.2 joules stored, 2.24 joules output on higher setting

Final thoughts when it comes to electric fencing:

  • Do not ignore your battery check it regularity,
  • Check that the fence has no foliage or grass growing up it or a branch touching it,
  • Regularly check the fencing for breaks or faults these are easy and relativity inexpensive to fix when caught in time and will make for a much more effective electric fencing system.

I hope you have found this informative.

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