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An Essential Accessories - Connectors, Joiners and Tape Buckle

An Essential Accessories

Connectors, Joiners and Tape Buckle

As many of you know ( well those of you with Electric fencing already) you need the following to make your fence work

  • A power source - Mains, Battery or Battery and Solar
  • An Energiser
  • An Earth Stake

then the fencing to suit your needs.

What many people forget is how to join the fencing together ( especially if you have a break in it) - if tape PLEASE DO NOT TIE IT IN A KNOT,

Using a connector will help with conductivity on your lines and it will prevent the breakdown of the internal filaments of the lines especially tape ( tape HATES to be tied)

Connectors are used at the start and finish of the fence as well as anywhere you are extending the fencing at gateways to attach the gates and as I have said earlier it is always worth having a few spare around just in case of breakage or if an area looks to be breaking down, cut this area out add in a connector and the problem has been rectified. Do not under estimate these wee guys they are needed and when you are connecting the top and bottom line the Inline connectors are a great piece of kit  you can also join 2 fences together with these.


If you are joining TAPE together you will need one of the following

Inline tape joining buckle 20mm tape  RRP £6.60 Our Price £5.60

Tape buckle used for joining tape of up to 20mm together. Essential for joining tape without power loss.



Inline tape joining buckle 40mm tape   RRP £10.70 Our Price £9.07

Tape buckle used for joining tape of up to 40mm together. Essential for joining tape without power loss.








Don't let the above be you, it is always a good idea to have a spare one or two connectors around (also looping the the around the wooden posts shorts it out so there will be no power on the fence.)

Joining ROPE together

Inline rope joining buckle  RRP £9.50 Our Price £6.61

Galvanised rope buckle used for joining rope together. These buckles should be used to ensure good and efficient conductivity.



Rope joiner  RRP £10.02 Our Price £7.72


Connector for rope up to 6mm in diameter. These joiners should be used to ensure good and efficient conductivity.



Connecting wire and polywire

Wire bolt clamp connectors  RRP £7.87 Our Price £5.45

Bolt joint clamp for joining galvanised wire together.




Galvanised connectors for wire or polywire   RRP £8.26 Our Price £8.24

Twin bolt galvanised connector for polywire and galvanised wire.

Fits 1-2mm diameter wire or polywire




Now that we have the connecting to each other sorted have you ever wondered how you connect the top line of fencing to the next one down?

Connecting lines together

Hart clamp line to line joiner   RRP £9.96 Our Price £6.13

These conductivity conductors to ensure conductivity between two or more horizontal lines of rope, polywire and wire. About 55cm long.










Line to line connector   RRP £10.32 Our Price £7.94

Predominately used as a tape line to line connector which allows for conductivity between two horizontally parallel fence lines. This connector can also be used with rope, polywire or wire and ensures a secure connection. It is about 60cm long. Suitable for tape up to 40mm.







TOP TIP OF the Month

Don't be unorganised and end up in a tangle when dealing with your fencing whether is be Tape, Rope, Polywire of Wire, purchase a reel or use a hose pipe reel to wind your fencing on to when not in use, the reels are insulated so they can be used on the fence if you have 250m of fence line and the size of area is changeable don't cut your line just leave the unused line on the reel and your fence will still work perfectly.

old electric fencing










We hope you have found this helpful.

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