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Pest control in gardens


Calling all gardeners and allotment holders.

Hello you lovely rosy cheeked people with your dirty finger nails and happy smiles how are the plans going? I know it is still early but some of you are having unwanted visitors already :-(

I have spoken to a few people over the last few days about the planning of this years crops and can we help to keep 4 legged pests away from the crops you so lovingly planted.

Well the answer in a word is YES

We have our Garden Guardian kits

For the use on top of walls we have the

long arm kits

short arm kits


GP 9 lower res GP 2 Pond Arms

And these bad boys are designed to blend into your garden as they have green posts and green poly wire - primarily used to keep pets and pests off veggie patches and flower borders but they can also be used to protect your pond from the hungry heron!

We also have Badger kits

IMGP1027badger fence


Our badger kits are perfect for keeping those badgers off your gardens and flower beds. They are easy to set up and move around and come with dark green netting so they don't stick out like a sore thumb !  We also have 3 line poly wire badger kits.

If your problem is Rabbits


Our rabbit electric fencing kits are easy to set up and use and perfect for stopping the rabbits eat your veggies and flowers!  Or of course these kits can be used to keep your pet rabbits safe.

As you can see we have a wide range of things to help you this season on the allotment. You just need to have a wee look at the kits and choose as to whether you go for mains power or for battery power.

Something to think about on the allotment is the use of solar power... I am a huge fan of solar power, not only is it environmentally friendly but also it saves you arms and back when you don't have to hump the battery home to charge every 3 weeks as the solar panel will trickle feed the battery meaning only in the very dark months will you have to charge the battery,,or you can buy a solar energiser which has a battery, energiser and solar panel as 1 check out the Fire drakes they are cool. All very Neat huh?

Check out our solar panels and our solar energisers 

Use a solar panel to trickle feed 12v battery Use a solar panel to trickle feed 12v battery

Solar Energiser (The Firedrake)








I hope this has all been helpful and as always should you have any questions for us please don't hesitate to contact us.

Call: 01620 860058



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