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The 10 Electric Fence Commandments

The 10 Electric Fence Commandments

Clearly, being an electric fencing company, we love electric fencing and even have our own electric fencing set up around our garden and to protect our hens.  My brother uses our electric fencing on the farm to rotationally graze his cows and sheep and to protect his 500 hens from foxes.  However, as much as we love electric fencing it can be frustrating… and infuriating…. and anyone who has used electric fencing to protect their livestock will be familiar with the following 10 electric fence commandments.

The 10 Electric Fence Commandments:

  1. Thou shalt not buy cheap electric energisers/fencing/netting and expect it to work for eternity – it is false economy. It shall let ye down when ye are least expecting it – normally just before ye go on holiday.
  2. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s straight and well tensioned electric fence – it won’t be long before it is dragging along the ground and blown into a pile just like your own.
  3. Blessed and unusual are those who manage to store their electric fence without reels in excellent condition for it to be used the next year.
  4. Thou shall attempt many times to put up your electric netting and fencing without reading the instructions provided as ye are too proud. This will result in frustration and your electric fencing shorting and then some more frustration and so on.
  5. Thou shall find it necessary to test your electric fencing everyday – however, ye will only touch it once and after that ye will buy an electric fence tester.
  6. Thou shall learn in time what a real electric fencing circuit is and that an earth stake is always required. An actual electric fence doesn’t have to be in a circuit and come back to itself.
  7. Thou shall learn very quickly which terminals are live and earth on the energiser especially if you leave it on by mistake and then connect it up to the fencing.
  8. Thou shall not forget to charge up your electric fencing battery on a regular basis and thou shall never let it get below ¼ charge else ye will be spending a lot of money replacing expensive 12v leisure batteries.
  9. In the summer months ye shall learn quickly that a solar electric fencing system is going to save you a lot of time and hassle as ye will not have to charge the battery so often.
  10. Finally, thou shall only make the mistake of not planning and measuring the electric fence before purchasing once. Finding you are short of electric fencing posts and tape/rope/polywire to make the desired length will drive ye mad.

All is not lost as we know electric fencing and as frustrating as it can be we can talk you through the pitfalls and guide you to the kit and solution you need.  We have the practical experience and product knowledge that will ensure you will not fall foul of the 10 commandments above.

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Farmers daughter (my mother was the farmer!) with many years experience of farming, equestrian and electric fencing. Living the 'good life' and forever trying to find the perfect work/life balance!
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