3 Line Polywire Badger Kit - Solar Powered (Max 80m)
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Badgers are lovely to look at but you just don't want them in your garden rootling around and destroying everything!

Electric fences have proven to be a very effective barrier to badgers  (as you can see from the video clip). So be it a Playing Field, a Golf or Bowling Green, or even a garden lawn these fencing kits are easy to install, movable, and whether a temporary or semi-permanent solution this may be exactly what you need to keep the badgers out.  Badgers love earthworms and leather jackets - these make up most of their diet - and so in turn the badgers love the lush well looked after lawns and veggie plots which are home to these creatures.

The 3 Line Badger Barrier Kit includes everything you need to create a quick and easy deterrant and the equipment provides you with the flexibility to make changes to the fence i.e. the line heights, route and fence length quickly and easily. The fence can be completely relocated or dismantled quickly whenever the job is done... ie if the Badgers have found another route or area. The fencing can also lend itself to creating electric fences for many other applications... Simply change the line heights and can you have an electric fence protecting a pond or containing Pigs etc.  

This kit includes:

  • 20 x 3ft fencing posts (charcoal colour)
  • 1 x 250m polywire (orange & yellow, 9 strand)
  • 1 x Powerful Energiser (Gemini 40)
  • 1 x Earth stake
  • 3 x Gate handles and anchors
  • 1 x 20pk insulators (to create extra tension at corners/end)
  • 2 x Hart Clamp - to join horizontal wires
  • 1 x Warning sign & comprehensive instructions
  • KV 10 fence Tester


The 12v Battery is not included with this kit -

please see the Battery Section on the shop.