Electric fencing for pigs

Temporary and Permanent strip grazing for pigs


Pigs, having little hair on their bodies, hold electric fencing in high respect. Three lines of tensioned wire supported by tread-in posts are usually sufficient to contain them.

Here are different options when it comes to keeping pigs in:

1. Temporary Electric Fencing for Pigs

  • Temporary Three Line Fence System
  • Three Reel System

2. Permanent Electric Fencing for Pigs

  •  Permanent Three Line Fence System

1.Temporary Electric Fencing for Pigs

Three Line Fence System Pigs 7

3 lines of wire, electric rope, electric tape or polywire are sufficient for containing pigs. Wire is the strongest and best conductor, rope and tape are the most visible (it is possible to have a combination of the two) and polywire is the cheapest.

The lines can be supported by 3ft plastic posts but metal posts with 3 Insulators are recommended for larger pigs. We even have a metal post which is live to stop pigs from pushing/breaking posts. A 3 reel system is ideal for both keeping the lines taught, storing the fence lines when not in use and for speeding up fence moves.

Posts may be plastic or preferably metal (with 3 plastic Insulators).

Three Reel System
3 line fence

To keep the lines taught and still be able to move and store the fence easily a 3 reel system should be used.

Permanent Electric Fencing for Pigs

The three line electric fence supported with wooden/metal posts is ideal for containing a large number of breeding pigs and can be adapted to create safe pens keeping foxes out and even keeping boars away from each other in adjacent pens.